Out for a walk

Today was amazing.  Really gave me a good feeling all day.  More milestones in such a short time!  I can’t believe how quickly Tomoe is learning new things.  She’s really growing up fast.

First of all, she’s started pointing at things that she wants.  She doesn’t use her finger, just points with her whole hand.  We’re able to understand what she wants a lot more now.

Second, she’s finally learned to clap.  However, she doesn’t always get it right.  After clapping, she holds her hands together and pumps them up and down.  It’s quite funny to watch.

And then yesterday, she showed that she can get up from the floor and stand up without holding onto anything.  That’s a really big step!

But this is nothing compared to what she did today.  As I was going to work, we took Tomoe outside to say goodbye to me.  My wife and I each took one of her hands and let her walk between us.  And boy did she ever walk well!  I couldn’t believe it!  She walked for about 15-20 metres before my wife picked her up.  And as we got to the corner, she wanted to see her walk again.  So, here are a couple of pictures.


Looking at her mom’s feet? Or the shadow? I don’t know.


Great pose. I love this picture!

So, when will she walk on her own?  I think it’ll be before the end of the year.  Maybe she’ll be walking in time for our New Year’s Day at my in-laws’ house.


8 thoughts on “Out for a walk

  1. She is progressing quite well! From walking starts running… and kids love running from parents. My friends’ daughter liked to be chased, sometimes at inopportune moments :p but still so cute. I like your wife’s shoes.

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