Best Christmas Season Ever

It’s Christmas Eve, and this has been the best Christmas season yet.  What a great few days it’s been, and it’s not even Christmas Day.

On Friday, we went to the clinic for Tomoe’s 10 month checkup, even though she’s about to turn 11 months old tomorrow.  She’s in good health, and everything about her seems quite average.  She’s now 9.3 kg and 72 cm tall.

After the visit to the clinic, we went walking around the area, then went to the park so she could play a bit.  Of course, she tried a bit of walking with our help, and then went on the swing.  She really loves it.


Going back.


And forward! Notice the city behind her? This park is at the top of a hill. Nice view! We can also see Mt. Fuji from there.


And from the side.


She was so sleepy when we got home, she fell asleep after she removed her pants.

Last night, we went to a Christmas party held by my wife’s friend in Sagamihara.  It was Tomoe’s first Christmas party.  She got to meet a few other kids and their families.  She was very outgoing and had a lot of fun.  There were two other babies there, and when Santa came, Tomoe was the bravest.  He was a charity Santa, and he brought presents that were already prepared by the parents.  Tomoe didn’t cry, but another baby did.


Tomoe the reindeer.

Tomoe with Santa!

Tomoe with Santa!

That was a fun party.  But today is Christmas Eve, and Tomoe had a bigger surprise for us.

She walked.  For the first time, she actually walked by herself.  She was cautious, but she did it!  Not just once, but she did it three times!  The day before her 11 month birthday, the day before Christmas, she could walk!  Amazing!


4 thoughts on “Best Christmas Season Ever

  1. Awesome pictures. I don’t think I have known of any baby that doesn’t like swinging. Santa on the other hand, it’s really hit n miss if babies take to him or not.

  2. Hi Jay Dee. I am Misako, your wife’s friend in Sagamihara. Thank you so much for coming to our Christmas party. My family and I had a great time with you guys. I hope to see you soon.

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