Family plans for the holidays

Now that I’m on holiday, I have plenty of time to do many things that I enjoy.  Blogging is one thing, playing Sims 2 is another, as well as reading books.  But I’ll have plenty of time with my family and some bonding time with Tomoe.

The next couple of days are going to be rainy, but I’ll play with Tomoe and get her to walk as much as I can.  When it’s sunny, I’ll be taking her to the park to play, as well as practice walking.  She’s doing great with that.

But the big thing is January 1st.  We’ll be going to Saitama for Oshogatsu, which is New Year’s in Japanese.  We’ll spend the day at my in-laws’ home, probably eating sushi and drinking sake, as well as a possibility of going bowling.  But I think the big thing is for Tomoe to see everyone, and for everyone to see how she’s grown.  She’ll have a lot of people taking care of her.  It’ll be a fun day for her, I think.

After the New Year, we’ll be going to Zeniarai Benten in Kamakura.  It’s a famous shrine where you can wash your money to wish for good fortune in terms of finances.  It’s a fascinating place.

As far as the blog goes, I’ll be doing a year in review post before New Year’s Day.  Also, I received an award nomination, which I’ll have to considering making a post about.

What are your plans for the New Year?


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