2012 Year in Review

What a year it’s been.  11 months ago, Tomoe was born.  Now she’s walking.  How time flies.

So, this post is all about how the blog did this year.  Who wants to see what was popular this year?  Well, here are the top 10 most popular posts this year:

  1. Tomoe, born January 25th – Of course, this was the most popular.
  2. Tomoe, 1 day old – She was popular in the beginning!
  3. Take a guess! – Before she was born, I asked you to guess about her weight and birth time.
  4. Tomoe’s day with a friend – A more recent day, only a month ago.
  5. The quest for the perfect diaper – This was a difficult decision!
  6. Week 35 – Still pregnant. This was posted on New Year’s Day.
  7. How do I feel about fatherhood? – I made this post shortly before Tomoe’s birth.
  8. The past 8 weeks in ultrasound – This is from early in the pregnancy. People are interested in ultrasound pictures.
  9. Moody baby discovers her hands! – A milestone.
  10. A new car for her 2 month birthday! – She got a baby carriage!

So, those were the most popular posts in the past year.  Not all of them were from this year, though.

In this year, Tomoe went from this:

Less than 10 minutes after she was born.

To this:


Amazing year!  We’ve seen her lift her head for the first time, learn to smile and laugh, roll over, sit up on her own, start crawling, stand up with support, eat solid food, drink from a straw, react to her name, stand up on her own, get her first teeth, hi-5, raise her hand when her name is called, and more.  What will she learn next?  Oh yeah, she learned to wave tonight!

I hope 2013 is even more exciting!


4 thoughts on “2012 Year in Review

  1. Though I am new to your blog, it is amazing to see how much she has grown/learned in such a short time. This coming year should be jam packed with amazing firsts for Tomoe. Looking forward to seeing how much she accomplishes.

    • Thanks! I’m expecting going from awkward walk to running soon, as well as speaking and having basic conversations with her. It’ll be great having a second person to talk with at home.

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