It may seem mundane, but it’s very exciting!

Parents with babies are interesting people, don’t you think?  We often find the most basic things amazing about our babies.  We get excited when Tomoe takes a single step without holding onto anything.  That’s understandable, I think.  What parent doesn’t want to see their baby walking?  I’ve seen her take 3 steps.  But I’ve got one thing that’s so mundane that it wouldn’t register on most people’s minds as amazing.

She licked food off of her lips.  That’s right!  She’s discovered how to get that stray rice grain off of her lip instead of letting it fall onto or into her clothes.  How’s that for mundane?

Oh yeah, and she had her first totally solid poop today.  Not mundane.  This is a bigger milestone, I think.

For my readers who have kids, what did you get excited about?


Sick, but so full of energy

Tomoe may have a cold, but she sure doesn’t act like it.  She’s like the Energizer bunny.  She keeps going and going and going.  She hasn’t even had a nap yet today.  Just constant playing ever since she woke up around 9 hours ago.  It’ll be nice when she finally takes a nap.  Here are some of her playtime pictures.


Getting a gear out of her toy box.


She’s concentrating so much on her toys.

It’s a family cold

Well, we all have colds.  My symptoms started yesterday with a slight sore throat.  I just had a cold last month, and now I have another one.  My wife already had a cold, then Tomoe came down with one, and now me.

Tomoe’s cold is evolving.  It started out as just a runny nose, not unlike Niagara Falls.  Constant snot falls.  Tonight, as I was feeding her dinner, she made big snot bubbles with her nose.  Every time she breathed out, big bubbles came out of her nose.  But that’s not all.  Last night, she started coughing.  She isn’t coughing a lot, but it’s a very typical looking cold.  Despite this, she’s still got a tremendous amount of energy. Even with a cold, she doesn’t slow down.

Tonight, after being fed and given some very warm formula, she refused to sleep for more than an hour.  She spent that time talking to herself in bed, until she finally started crying.  Still hungry.  So, I fed her some more formula, that’s 350 mL in 1 1/2 hours, and she finally fell asleep.  Hopefully, she’ll still be asleep when we go to bed.

Tomorrow’s my day off, and it’ll be a day of rest for us.

Another milestone! Her first cold

Maybe this isn’t a milestone to be celebrated.  Tomoe is sick.  She has her first cold.  Luckily, it’s mostly just a runny nose, and boy does it run!  She needs it cleared out quite often.  We have something that sucks out the mucus into a small bottle, and she hates it.  Every time it’s used, she struggles and fights against us, crying loudly.  The look on her face when it’s done is saying “How could you do this?”  Well, she’ll have to endure it until her cold is gone.  She doesn’t seem to have any other symptoms, thankfully.

We’ve been hoping to get her to a baby centre these days, but thanks to her cold, we’ll have to start after she’s recovered.

Surprise walk

Tonight, just before going to bed, Tomoe gave me a big surprise.  She was playing in her bed at the far end, and I came over to pick her up and get her ready for bed.  I said, “Come over here.”  What she did next was amazing.  She lifted her arms, like she always does when she wants to be picked up, and walked towards me.  She walked with no support!  It was only 3 steps, but she actually walked.  It was almost a run.

On an unrelated note, she continues to say random words assembled with random syllables.  She has now said “Japan,” “yellow,” and now “bad idea.”

Tomoe’s day with a friend

On the last day of November, Tomoe had an exciting day out.  We went to Shonan Terrace Mall at Tsujido to meet with a friend and her daughter.  We all spent some time at Kid-o-Kid, a children’s play area.  I’ve shown pictures from there before, but that was her half year birthday, and she wasn’t able to stand on her own yet. This time, she could do a lot more, and was quite mobile.  I think I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Playing with a toy in the baby area.


She’s sitting on the colourful floor with our friend’s daughter in pink.


Tomoe’s having a blast inside a little tent.


4 months ago, this made her cry. Now, she loves it.


Tomoe and friend in the ball pit.


She’s all alone!


She’s not ready to jump on her own.


Tomoe loves playing with gears. She has some at home, and spends a long time turning them.


She’s got a big, red one!


Playing with dolls with her friend.


Tomoe gets so excited with mirrors.


She loves seeing herself in the mirror.


This is something she can’t figure out yet.


Back to the ball pit. This is fun!


Standing up in the ball pit. She enjoyed sliding down the slope behind her.


Tomoe the fly and her princess friend.


Tomoe couldn’t see well, the hat kept falling over her eyes.


Matching flies.


Blind Tomoe fly on the right, but I’m not sure what her friend is thinking.

I’d like to thank my friend for coming along with us.  It was fun.