Tomoe’s first snow

The Kanto area of Japan (around Tokyo) had its first snow of the winter.  And it was a lot.  Actually, it was the biggest snowfall I’ve ever seen in this area since I came to Japan almost 8 years ago.  Tomoe got to enjoy her first look at snow.  To be honest, she did see snow when she was a newborn, but she didn’t really get to experience it.

Look! It's snowing!

Look! It’s snowing!

This snow is neat stuff.

This snow is neat stuff.

I was stuck at work yesterday, but I could see the snow from where I work.  By the late afternoon, there was 20-30 cm of snow on the ground.  However, this snow was very wet.  It was like slush.  On my way home, I had the displeasure of stepping in a 10 cm deep puddle of water covered by slush and snow.  My foot and shoe were soaked.


This morning, Tomoe got to see the snow that was left.


Standing in the snow for the first time!

Tomoe’s birthday is rapidly approaching, and she’s already got some birthday presents.  Her current baby carriage is good, but it’s appropriate for a toddler that’s walking.  She can’t get in or out of it by herself.  So, she has a new one made by Jeep!

Is this a 4WD?

Is this a 4WD?

In other news, Tomoe’s walking ability has been getting pretty strong.  She no longer sits down after only 5 or 6 steps.  She stays up as long as she wants!  She’s getting quite good at it, and I can see she’s getting ready to start running soon.

In addition to kissing, she also likes touching noses together.  She has a very playful personality, although she still wants to throw things out of her bed.  She’s also been sticking her tongue out while eating, causing all the food to get all over her clothes.  Of course, if we speak sternly with her about that, she starts crying.  She knows when we’re not happy, though I don’t think she really understands yet.

Well, next week, we’ll have a fun birthday for her!


7 thoughts on “Tomoe’s first snow

  1. she is the perfect angel….a lot of xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxs for her……..gorgeously prettyy..i love u Tomoe…will be waitin’ for the birthday cake:)

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