Was that a word?

Baby talk can be interesting.  Sometimes there’s the occasional “word” that actually sounds like a real word.

Tomoe has been babbling on and on for quite some time now.  While she doesn’t speak in any language we know, she does mimic us.  However, she has managed to say some words.

In the past, she’s said “bad idea,” “yellow,” and “hai (yes).”  But last night, while I was changing her diaper, she said “hayaku (hurry up).”  It was really good timing.  But this morning, she looked up at me suddenly and said very forcefully “Dad!”  She probably had no idea she was saying “Dad,” but who knows?  She often says “dadadadadada.”

She understand words, though.  She knows “bye bye” and waves.  She knows her name.  When we say “bouncy bouncy,” she bounces up and down.  But the word that gets the biggest reaction is “don’t.”  The moment I say it to her, she starts crying.  I could be feeding her, and she’s kicking my arm, then when I say “don’t kick,” she starts crying.  This morning, she was shaking her bed a lot, and I said, “don’t shake your bed.”  She got a very sad look in her face, sat down and starting crying.  The sad look got to me.  I didn’t want her feeling bad about it.

I do have to say that I’m really looking forward to having conversations with her.


4 thoughts on “Was that a word?

  1. The dreaded reaction to no and don’t is inevitable. Hopefully she doesn’t take to crying all the time when told no or don’t for very long. I think it’s cute she said hurry up while her diaper was being changed. Maybe it was timing, maybe she really did want you to hurry. :p

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