Happy 13 months!

Tomoe is 13 months old today!

Recently, she’s gotten over her stomach virus, but isn’t the best sleeper. She often wakes up still. We need to think about what to do when she’s too big for her bed, too. Probably back in our bed.

She’s been communicating even more with us, but mainly just baby talk. Her walking is getting stronger, too. She’s walking around more of the apartment now.

Some things I’ve observed about her recently are that she loves to look at the clock and she’s been searching for Biscuit. I guess she won’t understand what happened.

Well, just one picture today. This was after she took a bath. Great hair!


Don’t I have great hair?


RIP Biscuit

I’m very sad to announce that our dog, Biscuit, has died.

Over the past week, he had been getting weaker, and was unable to stand starting on Thursday.  On Friday, he recovered a bit, and could walk around for part of the day, enough that I could take him outside for the last time.  After that, he never walked again.  He gradually lost strength and had difficulty getting to his food and water by Sunday.  Yesterday, he cried a lot, and although he could still get to his food and water, he didn’t stop crying.  This morning, he was very weak.  He didn’t lift his head at all.  When my wife checked on him at 8pm, he seemed to have enough energy to try bite her.  However, between 8pm and the time I got home at 10pm, he had died in his sleep.  When I got home, I went over to him to pet him while he slept, but found him to be rigid and not breathing.  We don’t know how old he was, maybe 17 or 18 years old.  He died of old age.

His cremation will take place on Thursday.

We will miss you, old boy.  Love you very much.

Biscuit. ? to February 19, 2013.

Biscuit. ? to February 19, 2013.

Our ailing dog and toddler

Just a quick update.  As I said before, our dog Biscuit wasn’t able to stand yesterday.  Well, this morning, he got up and started walking. He walked for much of the morning.  I even took him outside.


Feels great to be outside!

Although he was walking, he’s back to just laying down now.  He’ll have his ups and downs.

Tomoe’s update is less positive.  Last night, she had a fever of 38.6 degrees C.  Today, we went out shopping at Costco, and later went to a clinic because she was producing nothing but thin yellow liquid poop that smelled really bad.  She also slept a lot, although her fever has gone away.  So, what did we find out?  She has a stomach virus, what people commonly call the stomach flu.  She can’t eat any solid food until it’s cleared up.  And when she does have something, it can only be tea, watered down formula, and an ion water drink.


Sitting in the car we rented outside of the clinic.

Hopefully, Tomoe will be feeling good soon.


Tomoe’s cold was getting better.  She got to walk a lot today.  However, she seemed to be in a bad mood all day.  Turns out her cold hasn’t quite gone yet.  She has a fever.  She’s been waking up every 30-60 minutes tonight.  Tomorrow, we’re supposed to go to Costco.  I hope she’s okay for that.  We’ve already reserved a rental car, and we don’t want to have to pay a cancellation fee.


Walking.  It’s a thing we take for granted.  A baby can’t walk, but once they start, they’re called a toddler.  Tomoe is toddling along very well now.  We can let her walk around on her own outside, but she still follows us.  She doesn’t like being too far from us, so she’s always nearby.  Below are just a bunch of pictures of Tomoe walking.  The nighttime pictures are a bit blurry, though.


She walks like a penguin.


Eyes closed and blurry.


Coming through the door! That’s a big step, about 1 cm high!


It’s really hard to go over that step.


She’s inside!


Daytime photo is clear! She’s very colourful, isn’t she?


After a lot of walking, she was very sleepy.

As I said, we take walking for granted.  Another member of our family is having trouble walking.  It’s our dog, Biscuit.  My wife found him a few years ago as a stray.  What’s unusual is that he’s a purebred beagle, and you usually don’t find purebred stray dogs.  The vet said he was about 10 years old at the time, and it seemed like he was afraid of people and untrained.  It’s likely he was an outdoor dog that was never taken care of properly, so his owner just let him go.  He turned into a friendly dog, and became unusually quiet for a beagle.  I’ve rarely heard him bark.  If he was 10 years old when he was found, that would make him about 18 years old now.

Recently, he’d been losing a lot of weight and was getting unsteady on his feet.  This week, he had trouble walking.  Yesterday, he walked for the last time.  Today, whenever I’ve put him on his feet, his back legs gave out on him.  He has peed on the floor and was unable to move out of it.  We had to wipe him down with wet wipes and use a shampoo spray.  We’ve also put a dog diaper on him and got him a new bed that’s wrapped in plastic, so he won’t get it soaked.  We’re not sure how long he’ll last, but we hope to give him lots of love in his last days or weeks.


Biscuit on his new bed wearing a diaper.

My daughter, the comedian

Although she may be cranky at times during her cold, Tomoe still manages to laugh a lot.  She’s a little comedian.

A lot of things will amuse her: suddenly moving my face close to hers, making a funny sound, jumping up and down.  She has a really good time!

Today, she did some things that were quite funny.  This morning, after she finished eating, she decided to start eating her feet.


Not satisfied with her breakfast, she wanted something more.


Toe jam!

In the evening, she was left to play on her own in her bed, where she laughed almost constantly.  I’m glad she can amuse herself.  But I was curious about what was so funny.  When I went into the bedroom, I saw something I’ve never seen her do before.  She has a box, around 40cm x 40cm x 40cm, and it’s basically her toy box.  It has many toys on the outside, too.  One side is a net with a pocket, so you can put books or cards in it.  Well, Tomoe had other ideas.  She climbed on top of the box and stuck one of her feet into the pocket.  She was patting her foot in the pocket and laughing.  She thought it was hilarious!


Funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

I left her alone for a while again, but I could hear some banging noise and more laughing.  I went into the bedroom again to find her sitting in her bed with her feet inside the box.  It wasn’t just an open end, this was a smaller hole that normally has a door.  She was sitting with her feet kicking the bottom of the box.  Every time she kicked, she laughed.  She was having the time of her life.  When I came in, she wanted to stand up, but she was a bit stuck, so she started crying.  I did manage to get a picture before she was completely out of the box.


I’m stuck!

Tomoe has been getting very creative about playing.  She’s able to independently play, which is a good thing.  This is the age at which babies and toddlers have separation anxiety.  She does sometimes, but when she occupies herself, she forgets all about it.

Sleep doesn’t come easily

Having a cold isn’t easy.  For an adult, it can be anywhere from annoying to difficult to go about your day.  For a toddler, it can mean restless nights.

Tomoe has had a cold since late last week, and so has my wife.  Tomoe was the first to get sick.  So far, I haven’t gotten sick, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I did.

For Tomoe, a cold can mean difficulty sleeping.  She’s unable to blow her nose, so we have to suck the snot out for her.  She hates it.  When she sleeps, she is often noisy because she can’t breathe through her nose.  This causes her to wake up occasionally and cry.  Her nose runs a lot, too.  She’s woken up in the morning with her face covered in dried or semi-dried mucus, including her forehead and in her hair.  She’s made quite the mess of her face.  But when she’s awake, she acts as if she’s healthy. However, her cough is very dry sounding.  It made me wonder if she’d lose her voice, but she hasn’t.

One thing that helps her sleep is if she sleeps next to her mom.  She appears to be comforted a lot.  I took this picture of them sleeping together.


She looks peaceful.

I’m hoping this cold is gone soon.  It’ll be nice to have a healthy little girl who sleeps well.