Bubbling noises in the night

That’s the sound of Tomoe’s breathing while sleeping tonight.  Seems she’s caught a cold again.  It’s her second cold, and it’s not helping her sleep.

She’s been unable to breathe properly with her stuffed up nose.  She woke up crying after only a couple of hours, so we decided it was time to bring out the dreaded mucus clearing device, that snot sucker from hell.  She hates that thing. She struggles and fights so hard when it’s used, and she screams so loudly.  It takes both of us to hold her down to get it done.  Thankfully, after a while, she fell back to sleep.  I guess we’re in for a week of this.

Another noisy sleeper is our dog, Biscuit.  Although lately, he’s been feeling bad.  He’s pretty old now, though we don’t know how old.  My wife found him when he was already an older dog 8 years ago.  The vet guessed he was 10 years old.  That would make him about 18 now.  Up until a couple months ago, he was still fairly active, always walking around, going for walks with good energy.  However, he’d been losing weight.  He used to be a chubby dog, as recent as a year ago.  He is so skinny now.  He eats just as much, but has been losing weight so quickly.  He’s lost bladder control almost completely, as well.  His eyesight is extremely poor, and he can hardly hear.

In the past month, Biscuit hasn’t had his usual voracious appetite.  He used to vacuum up a bowl full of food in less than a minute.  Now, he leaves a lot of it and eats it slowly.  His hind legs have lost a lot of strength, so he stumbles around a lot.  He falls down regularly.  His face looks so much older now.  He walks into things, and can’t seem to find the door at times.

It’s sad seeing him like this.


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