Now that was a word!

Well, Tomoe has finally done it.  We are certain now that she has said her first verifiable word.

Before, she’s said things like “mamamamama” and “dadadadada,” both of which have been shortened to “mama” and “dada/dad,” but we can’t be sure if she was trying to say the words.  She repeats sounds quite often, and she repeats after us, as well.  But it’s always been simple syllables repeated over and over again, like “yayayayayaya” and “nenenenenene.”  But this time was a real word.

After repeated attempts of getting her to speak, she finally said something.  In fact, she said it 3 times, somewhat unclear, then a 4th time she said it very clearly.  What did she say?  “Hello.”

And there you have it, Tomoe’s first word!

In other news, she’s still got a cold.  But she’s a strong girl, and doesn’t complain.  She plays like usual, ignoring her cold.  This morning, her voice was quite hoarse, which is a first for her.  I’ve woken up with a similar, more adult and male sounding voice while I’ve had a cold.

Tomoe now has 4 teeth out, but I think more are on the way.  She’s been drooling and biting things like crazy.

And I think I’ve discovered a favourite food of hers.  She seems to get really excited about mashed potatoes.  She loves it!  Then I later held up two bowls that she had just eaten from, and asked her which one she liked the best.  She then pointed to the pink bowl, which had a kind of vegetable and squid food called happosai.  Maybe she also liked that one, or she preferred the colour pink over the clear bowl.

I need more pictures of her.  Soon!


10 thoughts on “Now that was a word!

  1. Congrats!
    It’s fascinating following Tomoe’s growth and of course, I can’t help comparing to my Hana who’s two months younger.
    She’s obviously still in her phase of repeating random stuff (the other say, she was all about some variations of “Konbanwa”) and I don’t expect her to speak just yet, but she has named her first thing. For some reason, she’s obsessed with my Godzilla figurine that stands on a shelf in the living room and she does call it “Go” when she sees it! Not sure if that counts as a first word though.

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