My daughter, the comedian

Although she may be cranky at times during her cold, Tomoe still manages to laugh a lot.  She’s a little comedian.

A lot of things will amuse her: suddenly moving my face close to hers, making a funny sound, jumping up and down.  She has a really good time!

Today, she did some things that were quite funny.  This morning, after she finished eating, she decided to start eating her feet.


Not satisfied with her breakfast, she wanted something more.


Toe jam!

In the evening, she was left to play on her own in her bed, where she laughed almost constantly.  I’m glad she can amuse herself.  But I was curious about what was so funny.  When I went into the bedroom, I saw something I’ve never seen her do before.  She has a box, around 40cm x 40cm x 40cm, and it’s basically her toy box.  It has many toys on the outside, too.  One side is a net with a pocket, so you can put books or cards in it.  Well, Tomoe had other ideas.  She climbed on top of the box and stuck one of her feet into the pocket.  She was patting her foot in the pocket and laughing.  She thought it was hilarious!


Funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

I left her alone for a while again, but I could hear some banging noise and more laughing.  I went into the bedroom again to find her sitting in her bed with her feet inside the box.  It wasn’t just an open end, this was a smaller hole that normally has a door.  She was sitting with her feet kicking the bottom of the box.  Every time she kicked, she laughed.  She was having the time of her life.  When I came in, she wanted to stand up, but she was a bit stuck, so she started crying.  I did manage to get a picture before she was completely out of the box.


I’m stuck!

Tomoe has been getting very creative about playing.  She’s able to independently play, which is a good thing.  This is the age at which babies and toddlers have separation anxiety.  She does sometimes, but when she occupies herself, she forgets all about it.


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