Walking.  It’s a thing we take for granted.  A baby can’t walk, but once they start, they’re called a toddler.  Tomoe is toddling along very well now.  We can let her walk around on her own outside, but she still follows us.  She doesn’t like being too far from us, so she’s always nearby.  Below are just a bunch of pictures of Tomoe walking.  The nighttime pictures are a bit blurry, though.


She walks like a penguin.


Eyes closed and blurry.


Coming through the door! That’s a big step, about 1 cm high!


It’s really hard to go over that step.


She’s inside!


Daytime photo is clear! She’s very colourful, isn’t she?


After a lot of walking, she was very sleepy.

As I said, we take walking for granted.  Another member of our family is having trouble walking.  It’s our dog, Biscuit.  My wife found him a few years ago as a stray.  What’s unusual is that he’s a purebred beagle, and you usually don’t find purebred stray dogs.  The vet said he was about 10 years old at the time, and it seemed like he was afraid of people and untrained.  It’s likely he was an outdoor dog that was never taken care of properly, so his owner just let him go.  He turned into a friendly dog, and became unusually quiet for a beagle.  I’ve rarely heard him bark.  If he was 10 years old when he was found, that would make him about 18 years old now.

Recently, he’d been losing a lot of weight and was getting unsteady on his feet.  This week, he had trouble walking.  Yesterday, he walked for the last time.  Today, whenever I’ve put him on his feet, his back legs gave out on him.  He has peed on the floor and was unable to move out of it.  We had to wipe him down with wet wipes and use a shampoo spray.  We’ve also put a dog diaper on him and got him a new bed that’s wrapped in plastic, so he won’t get it soaked.  We’re not sure how long he’ll last, but we hope to give him lots of love in his last days or weeks.


Biscuit on his new bed wearing a diaper.


4 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Oh my god this breaks my heart. Poor Biscuit, being a fellow dog owner there is nothing harder than seeing your furry family member having a hard time of life.
    I recently got a sneak peek at what I have to look forward to with my chiweenie. Due to his breed/size he will be susceptible to back problems and recently hurt his back from being too rambunctious. Sending love your dogs way, hope he goes easy.

    Also Tomoe’s pants are amazing!

    • Thanks. I hope he doesn’t feel any pain. He’d been quite active until just recently. The last 6 months, he’s lost weight quickly. He probably weighs half of what he weighed a year ago. He was actually a bit fat, but now he’s just skin, bones, and hair. His muscles seem to have disappeared in just a matter of weeks. His diet hasn’t changed. Part of me hopes he regains strength, but I’m not betting on it.

      Her pants are quite flashy, huh? She was wearing bright pink and purple socks, as well.

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