Tomoe’s cold was getting better.  She got to walk a lot today.  However, she seemed to be in a bad mood all day.  Turns out her cold hasn’t quite gone yet.  She has a fever.  She’s been waking up every 30-60 minutes tonight.  Tomorrow, we’re supposed to go to Costco.  I hope she’s okay for that.  We’ve already reserved a rental car, and we don’t want to have to pay a cancellation fee.


4 thoughts on “Fever

  1. Maybe the outing will do her good, but make sure she is extra wrapped up! My daughter Eva is about a month and a week younger to Tomoe. Ever since I stumbled on your blog, it’s been extra exciting to see the developments in Tomoe because Eva will change in the same way. 🙂 “Extra” seems to be my theme here…. 🙂 Well, Extra happiness to all of you!

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ve watched my cousin’s son developing, as well as a friend of mine’s daughter developing. They’re both about 4 months older than Tomoe, so I also get to see a preview 🙂

    • We went out today to Costco, and Tomoe slept almost the entire time we were in the car. She sleeps a lot while she’s sick. I have a post coming later about today. There are some developments with both Tomoe and the dog.

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