She just won’t sleep

Tomoe has been quite difficult at night lately.  She’ll sleep for about an hour, then wake up crying.  She’s been sleeping on and off for the past 5 hours, crying half of the time.  It’s not that she’s hungry.  She has no fever anymore.  She seems to be fine while she’s awake.  She just won’t stop crying.  I have a feeling she’s teething, and it’s a rather irritating tooth.

To top it all off, whenever I hold her, she cries.  She seems to not want to be held by me at all.  She’ll be in bed and need a diaper change, and I’ll pick her up.  She used to be happy to be picked up by me.  Now she just starts crying, and she cries really hard.  I don’t like this phase.


10 thoughts on “She just won’t sleep

  1. Perhaps her tummy hurts when she is picked up. After a fever you can hurt anywhere. Poor little girl, hope she get over this real soon. Auntie Heather

  2. My nephew has started the same sleeping and then crying pattern. Check inside her mouth. Sometimes after a fever, a baby can get thrush all inside their mouth. Same as when they’re teething. I don’t know why but it can just happen. I’m not sure why she cries when you pick her up. Just talk to her and read to her/play with her and hopefully she will stop crying when you pick her up.

  3. With Timothy, it turned out he had an ear infection… He seemed to be over his cold – but no, it just turned into ear infection. And it wouldn’t let him sleep, although he was okay during the day. And he fought me when I tried to hug and soothe me, too. Maybe you should have her checked? Just to be sure.

    Sorry you’re going thru a tough phase…

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