This toddler’s skills are climbing

Tomoe’s had quite an exciting few days.  I think the parents are more excited, though.

Although she’s still crying most nights, I think it has a lot to do with separation anxiety.  She doesn’t want to be left alone.  As I mentioned last time, she’d cry when I held her, but not when my wife held her.  However, tonight, she kept wanting me instead!

Every week, we try to talk to my mom and sister on Skype, so they and Tomoe can get to know each other.  She now recognises them, and usually smiles as soon as she sees them.  But sometimes, it’s too much for her to sit still for a long time.  But last week, she got so sleepy that she fell asleep while we talked.


She fell asleep while we were on Skype.

While she’s been moody at night, during the day, she’s been quite active and happy.  This week, she did a couple of firsts.  The first is a big one.  She learned how to climb up on the sofa.  She does it so naturally now.  She’s also figured out how to get into her bouncer and sit down before eating.

When she has her diaper changed, Tomoe often holds her feet up for me, ready to have it put on.  It’s quite remarkable how much she’s understanding.

Another big thing she’s doing is learning how to give us things.  She’ll freely hand things to us when we ask for them.  She’s doing very well at that.

And now for some silly pictures.


Happy Tommy!


She fell asleep lying on her hand. Her hand left an impression on her leg.


It’s bedtime, and she doesn’t want to be left alone.


6 thoughts on “This toddler’s skills are climbing

  1. Separation anxiety is the worst. I have had friends try to work on that but often times it’s harder for the parents than the babies. Often times the parents give in and cuddle baby. Love the little hand print picture.

    • She’s back to sleeping in our bed half of the time. She just won’t stop crying. Before, she’d cry for 10 minutes, then fall asleep. Now, she won’t fall asleep at all and continue crying until my wife goes to bed and takes her into the bed with her.

      The hand print was quite funny when we saw it.

  2. cute 🙂
    my friend has a picture of her daughter after she napped with her face on her hand – with the handprint across her forehead, so funny 🙂

    I also noticed today that Timothy (as usual) wriggled his feet out of my hand while I was changing him – but this time he did so to hold his legs up on his own!

  3. Thinking about it, I’m not sure I got over separation anxiety! I remember as a child being so scared the only way I could sleep was to read until I passed out. But that picture just sums up your nights I think. I can completely understand what happens. I hope she gets more relaxed soon

    • I didn’t have separation anxiety when I was older, but I didn’t want to sleep with the lights out. The hallway light had to be turned on. But I was fine in my own bed.

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