Tomoe and the nursery

My wife has begun a new job, which means that Tomoe has to spend the day at a nursery.  This is a really big step for her.  Last week, she went for a day while my wife went to her job interview.  She loved it there, and was quite happy.  Then she cried when she came home.  I guess it was very exciting for her.

My wife has said to me that the attitude in Japan toward children being left in a nursery is the equivalent of saying, “Awww, poor kid.”  It’s not that way at all!  There are some great benefits for both Tomoe and us.  For Tomoe, she can meet other kids her age 5 days a week.  She can learn and gain social skills that we can’t teach her at home.  She needs to interact with others outside our family.  It should help her get over separation anxiety.  She doesn’t exhibit shyness much at all, so that’s not a problem. One drawback is that her English development will be slow.  She’ll likely speak more Japanese than English later this year.

As for my wife, she can finally have something to do other than staying home and taking care of Tomoe.  I’ve heard the same comment from many mothers of babies and toddlers, they’re bored.  My wife is the same.  She needs something to do, and she needs to be able to spend some time away from Tomoe.

My life changes a bit, too.  Once a week, I have to take her to the nursery because of a different schedule for only that one day.  I also have more free time while both my wife and Tomoe are out before I go to work.  It’ll give me the opportunity to work on my blogs and writing during the daytime when I’m more awake.

One amazing thing about this nursery is that it’s 24 hours.  They take care of kids overnight, too.  I’d never heard of that before.  Absolutely invaluable for those of us with evening jobs.

In other news, Tomoe continues to be extremely mobile.  She’s nearly able to run now.  She loves walking around the apartment carrying things with her.  She loves playing with forks and spoons, often hitting them on plates and in bowls.  She’s learning how to use them, though she can’t feed herself yet.  She also understands that some things fit together, like velcro and keys with keyholes.  She’s always trying to press the button on my iPhone, as well.

Communication continues to develop, as well.  She doesn’t speak in anything we recognise as words yet, but she understands more and more all the time.  When we say, “night night” to her, she starts crying.  She doesn’t want to go to bed.  She’ll come when we say, “come here.”  When I say, “Can I have that, please?” she gives me what she’s holding.  She does that extremely well now.

Another thing that’s amazing is that she has a favourite Facebook game.  Whenever I start playing Angry Birds, she gets a big smile.  She loves watching the birds flying across the screen, knocking things down.  She recognises the loading screen, and gets really happy.

Sorry about no pictures this time.  It’s been a very busy few days.


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