Tomoe is coming home!

Tomorrow morning, we’re going to pick up Tomoe from the hospital.  She’s coming home!

Lately, she’s been doing pretty good.  She’s acting very normally and seems to be getting over her pneumonia.  My wife is working tomorrow, so I get to spend the day with Tomoe.  It’ll be great to see her back.

During our visits with her, she started out being a little cranky, but as her stay got longer, she was laughing more with us.  She was getting her happy personality back.  But this also meant that when we left her, she started crying.  On Monday, she cried so hard when we said good bye and left.  It’s hard to do that!  Well, no more.  She’s home tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Tomoe is coming home!

  1. Not sure if it is an option or something you would be thinking of… but there is a pneumonia vaccination available. I was very prone to pneumonia before my doc told me about the vaccine. Pretty much any time I got a chest cold it was a high chance I would end up with pneumonia. Not sure if Tomoe is too young for it but maybe it’s something to think about in the future if she comes down with it again easily.

    • There is a type of pneumonia vaccine that’s part of the regular baby/toddler immunization. She’s already done round 1. Doesn’t mean she’s totally immune to it. She’s getting the second round later this year.

  2. That is wonderful news! I am looking forward to visiting in Skype again.

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