Happy to be home


Welcome home!

The above picture was how Tomoe looked when she arrived home on Thursday after a week in the hospital.  She fell asleep. She was given about a week’s worth of medicine, as she’s still a bit sick.  Her temperature is up a little bit, but she is incredibly full of energy!

When we went to pick her up at the hospital, she was extremely happy.  I let her walk around a bit in the visiting area, but she kept trying to run away.  She laughed so hard when I tried to stop her and catch her.  She loves being chased.

Tomoe’s developed a new game.  She now pretends to pick some food up with her fingers and eat it, then chew it.  She keeps doing that, and laughs a lot.  She’s developing quite the imagination.  She did it on Skype for my mom and sister, and they laughed so hard at her.

Sometimes I pretend to eat her feet, because it amuses her a lot.  Well, she’s started doing that to me, too.  She makes the same s0und I do and almost bites my toe.  She’s developing a sense of humour, too!

Ever since coming home, Tomoe has been laughing a lot.  She’s a very happy kid, and has shown that she can be creative and make her own jokes.  I’m really enjoying this!


4 thoughts on “Happy to be home

    • Thanks for the comment. Well, yesterday and today, she developed a 39 degree fever again. However, it turned out to be diarrhea or gastroenteritis. Once that was out of her system, her temperature went back to normal.

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