Big Steps

Tomoe is finally healthy.  Yay!  No fever, no diarrhea, and she’s back at her regular nursery.  That’s great for her and great for us.  We can finally resume our normal lives.  Or can we?  Tomoe is learning new things at a furious pace.  It’s absolutely incredible.

Tomoe’s at the age when she’s copying everything.  She mimics us, as I’ve said before.  Well, she’s learned some more things, but not necessarily mimicking.  These are practical skills!

First of all, she’s been able to climb stairs with some difficulty, and always just low steps and a short distance.  Well, this week, she climbed an entire staircase by herself… 3 times.  She really wanted to climb the staircase in our building, so I just followed behind her to make sure she didn’t fall.  She loved it!  Just look at these pictures.


I’m a blurry climbing toddler!


Going up!


My hands got really dirty.

Another practical skill she’s learned is using a fork and spoon.  While her ability is still not perfect, she hits her mouth every time.  However, she sometimes drops the food.


I can use a spoon!

As I said before, Tomoe’s mimicking a lot, and this includes words.  Not only is she saying “hello” when playing with her toy cell phone, she showed today that she can also say “bye bye.”  But it sounded more like “ai ai.”  She loves plastic drink bottles, as well, and when she showed me a bottle of tea, I pointed at a picture of tea and said “tea.” Would you believe she repeated that?  She said “tea” about 3 or 4 times.  And the big one was that instead of saying “dada” to refer to me, she actually said “daddy.”  Not just once, but several times!  We finally have a toddler who’s trying to talk!


4 thoughts on “Big Steps

  1. I am so happy that Tommy is healthy again. She is such a bright, happy and sweet child. I guess that her language will be a combination of Japanese and English for a while. It is wonderful to grow up bi-lingual. take care, Hugs from Auntie Heather

    • Thanks, Auntie. It’s great that she’s healthy again. We’ve been talking about how her baby talk sounds, and she seems to have English intonation. Japanese is pretty flat sounding.

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