Tomoe has a fever again.  We’ll see the doctor tomorrow.  Our guess is that it’s a reaction from her MR vaccination last week.  We’ll find out tomorrow.


Caught her mid-blink while having a yoghurt drink.

I had her all day today.  She was rather talkative for much of the day, although I didn’t understand any of it.

I’ve been noticing today that she understands “Look at the clock,” “sit down,” “stand up,” and “okay.” She is following instructions more often these days.

Well, hopefully, her fever will be gone tomorrow.


Is it Finally Over?


Take me to your leader.

So, is it finally over?  Is Tomoe finally healthy?  Last Friday, she visited the clinic, got an almost clean bill of health, and finally got her MR vaccine!  She’s now got protection from measles and rubella!  Hurray for the wonderful vaccines.  I’m happy because this was extremely important for not only her health, but also her ability to stay at the clinic nursery if she’s sick again.

Tomoe is now 1 year and 5 months old.  She’s just a month shy of 18 months.  She’s talking more than ever.  She will sometimes use the words she’s learned and repeat them over and over again at the most inappropriate times.  She’ll walk around saying “hello” or “bye bye” (yes, she can finally say it correctly) when no one is coming or going.  She says “nai-nai” for “night night,” though often when she isn’t going to bed.

She can also be quite the brat now.  She has tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants.  She’ll try hitting my computer, and when I tell her not to, she gets angry and hits me instead.  She has no concept of right or wrong yet.  She gets angry if I’m eating.  She’s already eaten her dinner, but if I eat my dinner, she gets really upset, because she thinks she’s having more dinner.  She thinks all the food is her food!  When she wants to eat something we have, she opens her mouth and says “Aaaaah.”  But she can feed herself, although mostly unsuccessfully.  She doesn’t have the skills to use a fork very well.


Trying to eat McDonald’s pancakes.


Let’s just use our fingers instead.


She got plenty of syrup on her fingers.

Tomoe’s been going through the night without peeing lately, as well.  She’s gaining bladder control, which means she could start potty training sometime soon.  However, she needs to be able to follow instructions and sit still.  She refuses to sit still these days.  It’s difficult to keep her in a car seat.  The nursery driver has told us she’s been difficult to keep still with the seat’s straps.  Not only is she getting out of straps, but she’s started undressing herself.  I’ve founder her without her clothes on while she’s napping.  She also has an interest in putting her clothes on.  This morning, she tried pulling up her pants by herself.  She was proud of herself and smiled really big.

She’s also made a good friend at the nursery.  She’s very close with another girl her age.  However, the nursery staff was very apologetic with my wife, telling her that the other girl had bitten her on her arm and finger.  She was even bleeding from the bite on her finger.  I’m pretty sure the other kid isn’t a vampire or zombie.

Well, Tomoe’s healthy, but I’m sick.  My turn to catch a cold.

Tomoe’s Ups and Downs

You know what?  It just doesn’t stop.  After she got over pneumonia, Tomoe got sick again.

This time, it’s bronchitis.  Last week, the doctor gave her that diagnosis, and I thought he was pretty much correct.  I’ve been through bronchitis 3 times, so I know what it’s like.  The cough she had was horrible sounding.  Well, it seems she got over it pretty quickly, then got sick again today.  High fever all day after seeming pretty healthy for the first time in more than 2 months.  I guess it was just too good to last.  She doesn’t seem to be coughing much, but it’s mainly just a runny nose and sore throat.


Drinking outside the clinic.


She seems to do okay with bottles like this, though cups are still difficult. She prefers a straw, though.

Another thing she’s doing that isn’t making life easy is defiance.  She’s trying to touch and grab everything she can, and when it’s something she shouldn’t have, we take it away and she talks back at us angrily.  She’s not using words, but she sure is angry.  She’s not at the age where she learns limits, though.  She keeps trying and trying to do things she shouldn’t be doing.

On the upside, she is attempting more words.  Her “hello” is now “he-o” and her “bye-bye” is now “dye-dye.”  Not bad.  She learned “choudai” which is Japanese for “give” so she’s saying “Please give to me.”  However, she often refuses to say it and cries instead.

She’s also been very affectionate at times.  One example is when I was getting ready to take her to the nursery yesterday, she climbed up on my lap and gave me a big hug.  When we got to the nursery, she didn’t want to let go of me and started crying.  She didn’t want me to leave.  She understands she’s staying, though.

Tomoe can do something my mom probably can’t do. She can turn on and unlock my iPhone.  Sorry, mom.  I’m joking!