Tomoe’s Ups and Downs

You know what?  It just doesn’t stop.  After she got over pneumonia, Tomoe got sick again.

This time, it’s bronchitis.  Last week, the doctor gave her that diagnosis, and I thought he was pretty much correct.  I’ve been through bronchitis 3 times, so I know what it’s like.  The cough she had was horrible sounding.  Well, it seems she got over it pretty quickly, then got sick again today.  High fever all day after seeming pretty healthy for the first time in more than 2 months.  I guess it was just too good to last.  She doesn’t seem to be coughing much, but it’s mainly just a runny nose and sore throat.


Drinking outside the clinic.


She seems to do okay with bottles like this, though cups are still difficult. She prefers a straw, though.

Another thing she’s doing that isn’t making life easy is defiance.  She’s trying to touch and grab everything she can, and when it’s something she shouldn’t have, we take it away and she talks back at us angrily.  She’s not using words, but she sure is angry.  She’s not at the age where she learns limits, though.  She keeps trying and trying to do things she shouldn’t be doing.

On the upside, she is attempting more words.  Her “hello” is now “he-o” and her “bye-bye” is now “dye-dye.”  Not bad.  She learned “choudai” which is Japanese for “give” so she’s saying “Please give to me.”  However, she often refuses to say it and cries instead.

She’s also been very affectionate at times.  One example is when I was getting ready to take her to the nursery yesterday, she climbed up on my lap and gave me a big hug.  When we got to the nursery, she didn’t want to let go of me and started crying.  She didn’t want me to leave.  She understands she’s staying, though.

Tomoe can do something my mom probably can’t do. She can turn on and unlock my iPhone.  Sorry, mom.  I’m joking!


10 thoughts on “Tomoe’s Ups and Downs

  1. Bless her heart 😦 Bless yall’s heart! Nursery school is the worst place for them to continually pick up all these germs and they will stay sick for about the first year from what I remember. It sucks, but when everyone sends their sick babies to school, that’s what happens. Hang in there.

    • Yeah, I think she’s getting this all from the nursery. But it’ll make her immune system stronger. It is making it difficult for us to go to work. I’ve had to change my schedule or cancel lessons in my part time work, and my wife has had to cancel her work more than once. We can’t continue to do that.

  2. Poor thing. She doesn’t seem to be getting a break.
    She’s growing up nicely though.
    In terms of behavior, Hana is going through some of the same: she wants to touch every single thing she can get her hands on, and will throw big fits if we don’t let her.
    But she’s also more and more cuddly. When I get back from work, she wants me to carry her, and then she’ll either rest her head on my shoulder, or put her arms along her body so that I hold her more. When she wakes me up, she sometimes rest her head on my chest (that, or she violently pulls my nose or tries to bite my tummy, it depends 🙂 ).

    • I don’t get any biting or violent nose-pulling, but she does hit me on the arm if she’s upset. She likes to kiss my nose, though. She goes through moods where she wants to sit with me and not my wife, or vice versa.

  3. You are right though. Mom had my phone yesterday and didn’t even know when it was ringing, let alone answer it. Love you Mom!

  4. I hope these illnesses stop soon 😦
    glad to hear otherwise she’s doing so well – climbing!!! Timothy can’t do that at all. He cannot climb on the couch (well, he can… using a stool :))

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