Happy 18 Month Birthday!

Today Tomoe is 18 months old! That’s 1 and a half years old now.

I’ve read a bit about what an 18 month old can do, and one thing is that they can usually say around 12 words by now.  Tomoe can say a few words, and has surprised with some random attempts to repeat, although not successfully.  She told me a few days ago to “be quiet” after I told her to be quiet.  She did it with a big grin, of course.  Her vocabulary is pretty mixed between English and Japanese.  In English, she can say the following:

  • Hello
  • Bye-bye
  • Daddy
  • Mama
  • Thank you (she said this today!)

In Japanese, she can say:

  • Hai (it means yes, but the way she uses it, it means “here you are” when giving something)
  • Douzo (here you are)
  • Choudai (can I have it, please?)
  • Mama
  • Bye-bye

She isn’t naming things yet, but she understand what some things are, such as clock, bellybutton, and ball.  She knows banana and yoghurt, as well.  Her repetition of sounds has increased along with her accuracy.

A really silly thing she said a week ago was this: Nice to meet you totsuzen.  Totsuzen is “sudden” in English.  I don’t think she meant to actually say these words, but they came out clearly while riding an elevator with strangers.

Tomoe’s learning some practical skills, too.  The two big ones are brushing her teeth, which she does quite well, and wiping her nose with a tissue.


I can brush my teeth!

She can also put together one of her toys now.  It’s like a puzzle, but you attach gears to it.  She really enjoys that.

She’s constantly surprising us with what she can do.  I’m looking forward to being able to have a conversation with her soon.


Day at Chigasaki’s Southern Beach

On Friday, we had a very busy day.  While visiting the clinic, we had an hour wait, so we went to Denny’s for breakfast.


Playing a game on the iPod.

The checkup at the clinic went well.  Tomoe is feeling better after yet another cold.  This time, just runny nose and cough.  No fever.  We then headed to Chigasaki where my wife had to run into work for a short while.  Tomoe and I went to Chigasaki’s Chuo Park for some fun.  There was a pond with a waterfall and many dragonflies.  There was so much space, I let Tomoe run around on her own and just enjoy herself.


Next to a big tree.




She loves pushing her stroller around.

But the highlight of the day was Southern Beach.  This was Tomoe’s opportunity to get her feet wet and experience the ocean water.  We didn’t have swimsuits, but she could enjoy the water.  Or so we thought.  She slept the entire time.


Too sleepy to play.

Oh well, maybe next time.

Tomoe has an incredible sense of humour

A year ago, I couldn’t imagine what Tomoe’s sense of humour would be like.  Now I know.  She loves playing around and joking.

One of her favourite things to do is make faces.  If I copy her, she laughs.  She also laughs a lot if I pretend I’m eating her feet.  But on the other hand, she pretends to drink from a cup, feed me imaginary food, and she’ll play peekaboo with a blanket on her head.  She’s a copycat, too.  She jumped the same way I did tonight, and she also bent her waist the way I did.

She’s also been getting very moody.  When she wants something, she demands it.  If she doesn’t get it, she gets angry.  She’s very impatient, especially with food.  Even though she may be sitting and I’ve got food in her spoon, she’ll cry until it’s finally in her mouth.

She’s talking more now.  However, it’s mostly “hello,” “douzo,” and “choudai.”  She understands things very well, too.  She understands stand up, sit down, come here, where’s your bellybutton, and more.

When she’s going out, she runs to the door and waits patiently for us to put her shoes on.  When she’s going to the nursery, she’s very impatient, though.  She always holds her arms out for me to pick her up and get her out to the car.  She even eagerly holds her arms out for the driver of the car.  She’s really enjoying the nursery these days.

Recently, she’s figured out how to put shapes in holes.  She gets excited and waves her arms when she succeeds.  It’s quite funny watching her do that.  And of course, she’s still obsessed with using a phone.  She’ll use anything as a phone, though.  But she particularly loves using her mom’s iPod Touch.  She knows how to turn it on, unlock it, scroll through the apps, and start up her favourite games.  She’s knows where the start button is for each game, too.  I’m very impressed with her ability to use an iPod so well.

And now, some pictures.


She’s being silly here. She’s really hard to photograph, actually.


Tongue out, she’s looking at her own image in my iPhone with the reversed camera feature.


She loves plastic bottles.


Mashing her face up against the mesh on the side of her bed. She was having fun doing this.


She really is hard to photograph!


Drinking her milk with medicine. She’s had a mild cold this past week.


The master of using an iPod Touch.


Yes, she’s holding toy grapes in her mouth.