Happy 18 Month Birthday!

Today Tomoe is 18 months old! That’s 1 and a half years old now.

I’ve read a bit about what an 18 month old can do, and one thing is that they can usually say around 12 words by now.  Tomoe can say a few words, and has surprised with some random attempts to repeat, although not successfully.  She told me a few days ago to “be quiet” after I told her to be quiet.  She did it with a big grin, of course.  Her vocabulary is pretty mixed between English and Japanese.  In English, she can say the following:

  • Hello
  • Bye-bye
  • Daddy
  • Mama
  • Thank you (she said this today!)

In Japanese, she can say:

  • Hai (it means yes, but the way she uses it, it means “here you are” when giving something)
  • Douzo (here you are)
  • Choudai (can I have it, please?)
  • Mama
  • Bye-bye

She isn’t naming things yet, but she understand what some things are, such as clock, bellybutton, and ball.  She knows banana and yoghurt, as well.  Her repetition of sounds has increased along with her accuracy.

A really silly thing she said a week ago was this: Nice to meet you totsuzen.  Totsuzen is “sudden” in English.  I don’t think she meant to actually say these words, but they came out clearly while riding an elevator with strangers.

Tomoe’s learning some practical skills, too.  The two big ones are brushing her teeth, which she does quite well, and wiping her nose with a tissue.


I can brush my teeth!

She can also put together one of her toys now.  It’s like a puzzle, but you attach gears to it.  She really enjoys that.

She’s constantly surprising us with what she can do.  I’m looking forward to being able to have a conversation with her soon.


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