Difficult Decision

As Tomoe gets older, I have to respect her privacy.  She’s more of an individual all the time, so I think it’s unfair that I blog about what she does all the time. I won’t be blogging about her so much anymore soon, so I’ll be changing my focus on this blog.  I’ll be talking more about parenting in Japan.  Yes, I’ll be updating on Tomoe from time to time, but not so much now.  However, if and when we have a second child, I will start up the baby blogging again.

Any questions?


Cuteness Overload

The skills this little girl has keep growing.  It’s amazing to watch her develop.  She can build a tower with her blocks.


She’s getting really good with her hands.

But a couple days ago, she showed us just how cute she can be.  Tomoe was in an incredibly good mood for much of the day, and it started out with a shower.  I gave her a shower, which she loves.  She plays with the water, she washes her hands with the soap, and she behaves very well.  After the shower, she decided she wanted to wear my slippers.


Her feet are a bit too small.

I later went out with her to pick up my wife from the bus stop near the local Ito Yokado, and we went out for some sushi.  Tomoe doesn’t yet eat raw fish, so she ate mainly just rice and French fries, as well as drank some apple juice.  She not only fed the fries to herself, but she also offered them to my wife and I.  She was feeding us!  She loved it.  We gave her some ketchup, but instead of eating the fries with the ketchup, she kept licking it off the potatoes.

After eating, we walked to the drug store to get a few things we needed.  On the way, she started singing and dancing.  She moved her arms kind of like the Go-go, but it was part of a dance that she learned at her nursery.  She did it for about 10 straight minutes.  It was an overload of cuteness!

After shopping, Tomoe wanted to carry some of the things we bought, so we gave her the tissues.


She was so happy to help us!

Unfortunately, they weren’t that easy for her to carry all the way, and she kept dropping it.  But she really wanted to carry it.  In the end, we carried it, and she complained.

This morning, after getting her ready to go to the nursery, the driver picking her up finally arrived.  He was a bit later than usual.  Instead of carrying Tomoe out, I let her walk out to the car herself.  When she saw him and the car, she ran to him and he picked her up, putting her in the car.  She loves the nursery.  And I think she learns a lot there.

Today’s new words include:  mugicha (barley tea in Japanese) and eye (I was pointing out an eye, and she repeated me).