Difficult Decision

As Tomoe gets older, I have to respect her privacy.  She’s more of an individual all the time, so I think it’s unfair that I blog about what she does all the time. I won’t be blogging about her so much anymore soon, so I’ll be changing my focus on this blog.  I’ll be talking more about parenting in Japan.  Yes, I’ll be updating on Tomoe from time to time, but not so much now.  However, if and when we have a second child, I will start up the baby blogging again.

Any questions?


2 thoughts on “Difficult Decision

  1. I’ve been wondering the same lately. Actually I started thinking about it as soon as I started Hana’s blog, as the goal never was for the world to see it -and the world doesn’t really care so all is well – but for friends and family to see it.
    So, the idea is to make her blog private (accessible to registered users only) as soon as Hana has a social life – probably very soon and talk about parenting on my main blog at times (I started already).
    Of course, the choice is yours, but I’ll miss Tomoe’s updates, but I understand if you stop doing them as I’m on the same boat.

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