A Conversation with a Toddler

Tomoe’s been developing her speaking skills at a very fast pace.  She says more everyday it seems.  This was a recent conversation I had with her.

Me: Are you hungry?

Tomoe: Un (yes) *nod*

Me: Yes?

Tomoe: Es *nod*

Me: Do you want banana?

Tomoe: Un. *nod*  Banana.

Later on, after she was finished her banana…

Me: Do you want yoghurt?

Tomoe: Dodurt.

As you can see, it wasn’t a complex conversation, but it was two-way communication.  She’s been doing that quite a bit lately.  Other things she’s been saying:

  • No.
  • Dame (no in Japanese)

That’s right, she’s saying no.  Other questions and commands she’s understanding:

  • Can you put this in the garbage?
  • Can you put it back?
  • Do you need your diaper changed?
  • Can I have it?
  • It’s bedtime (and then she says “nigh-nigh” and waves)

Can more complex conversations be coming soon?


Eating and Talking

Here’s one of those few updates I’ll be giving.

Tomoe’s been eating on her own for close to a month now.  She keeps getting better, although she still drops food on the table and herself.  She usually refuses to be fed by us, but when she has trouble with something, she hands us her spoon so we can give her a hand.


Eating rice and minestrone.


In her mouth it goes.


Closing her eyes because it tastes so good? No, just blinking.

In addition to eating, she’s been talking and understanding quite a bit more.  Although she still uses mostly baby talk, she has been using more words than before.  Her latest new words are:

  • banana (was nana, but she said the entire word today)
  • dog (dah!)
  • cat (daaah)
  • diaper (die-pah)
  • thank you (various pronunciations)
  • Anpanman (Anmanman)

She understands so much more, too.  She puts things in the garbage when asked, she sits and stands when asked. She understands when it’s time to go to the nursery, she needs to go to the door and wait for us to put her shoes on.  However, she thinks it’s acceptable behaviour to hit a glass table with her toys very hard, hit us in the face, and play with the electric fan.  Unfortunately, she now knows how to plug in the fan and turn it on.  She can also open doors now, knows how to use a computer mouse (I now have to close my computer if I leave my computer alone around her, as she’s managed to change display settings somehow), and is constantly choosing pants or shorts for herself to wear, even if she’s already wearing some.  But there’s one thing she’s always doing every day, and that’s dancing.  She loves dancing so much she’ll do it without music.  She usually dances the dance at the end of each Anpanman episode.  They do it at her nursery.

I’m looking forward to when we can have conversations with Tomoe.