The Bouncer

Last time, I mentioned how Tomoe would always find a way to fall off the sofa.  Also, the bed she sleeps in, which is on our bed, is getting too small for her.  Or rather, she’s getting too big for it.  It’s only designed for up to 4 months old.  Take a look below.

Sleeping in her bed.

I don’t fit anymore!!

Well, our solution to falling off the sofa doesn’t solve our bed problem, but that’s another matter.  Our solution to the bed problem is a baby bouncer.  And boy does it ever work well!  Tomoe sleeps well in it during the day, she can’t fall out of it, and we can hang toys from a bar above her to play with.  It’s become a very valuable daytime bed/chair.  When she gets older, we can attach a table to it, and she’ll be able to eat and play on it.

Tomoe’s in her comfy new bouncer.

Sleeping peacefully in the bouncer with some toys hanging above.

I love this thing!  Now we don’t have to worry about her falling off the sofa while we’re busy.

There are some other things going on in Tomoe’s life.  For one thing, my wife has started a part-time job.  I get to take care of the baby while she’s at work.  So far, things are going well.

Tomoe’s started losing some of her hair.  This is normal, as many babies lose a lot of the hair they’re born with.  It grows back.  She’s getting a strange ring-shaped baldness pattern.

Playing is becoming much more active.  Not only is she paying more attention to toys, she’s reaching out to grab them.  This is a very important part of her development.  Her hand-eye coordination is improving now.  She’s also laughing quite a bit more now.  The greatest discovery was today.  She thinks my sneeze is funny.  So, I did a few fake sneezes, and she laughed a lot.  She’s a very happy baby.

4 months is coming up quickly!  We should soon see her able to do pushups, roll over and more.


The quest for the perfect diaper

As with any product, the search for the perfect brand requires extensive testing.  This is especially true for diapers.  Tomoe is now at about 6 kg, which means she can now move up to the medium size diapers (6-11 kg) from the small size (4-8 kg).  The small diapers have been getting quite tight on her, as well as being somewhat too small to hold in all her poop.  Yes, she’s leaked quite often lately.

We’ve tried a few brands, including Pampers, Merries, Moony and Goo.n.  We’ve been using mostly Pampers for the small size, though we’ve been using Goo.n recently.  The small size Moony diapers leaked a bit more than others, though Pampers and Goo.n have been leaking a lot lately.

Now, we’ve moved on to medium.  We just bought Pampers and Moony today, so we’ll see how they work.  One thing’s for certain, the medium fits much better than the small.  Pampers fits extremely well, and my wife said that she’s probably a Pampers baby, meaning she’s the right shape for them.  The Moony diapers have an advantage, though.  They have an elastic waste band.  We’ll see how both brands hold up to leaks, and if they hold enough volume of poop.

So, from now on, we are conducting the poop test.