Baby registration in Japan

Today, my wife and I went to Fujisawa city office to register Tomoe with the city and government.  It wasn’t a difficult process, but there was plenty of paperwork.

We had to bring papers given to us from the clinic (including birth certificate), as well as our bank account information (this is for the government to pay us the child allowance).  Be sure to have your bank book if you have a Japan Post Bank (Yuucho) account. The bank card doesn’t have the account and branch numbers.

All of the forms were in Japanese, except one that I had to fill out myself.  That one was a modification of my family registry.  One thing I feel is unusual in Japan is that for anything involving city office, I had to tell them my employer’s name and phone number.  My daughter’s birth has nothing to do with my employer.  One thing that was interesting is that I didn’t have to show them any ID.  Other than that one form and signing another form, my wife did everything.

Overall, it was a fairly easy process for me, since I didn’t have to do much.