Tomoe, 8 weeks old

Another week has passed, and Tomoe keeps growing up.  Well, she’s still a baby, but a lot can happen in a week.

She’s continuing to smile.  She smiles a lot now, especially when I talk.  It seems that whenever I’m talking to my wife or to her, she watches me intently and smiles quite often.  But she’s not all smiles these days.

It appears that she may be suffering from gas on occasion.  Tonight, she’s been good, but for the previous two nights, she’s been extremely fussy.  She’d drink only a little, then refuse to have any more.  We’d put her down for a while, then she’d start crying again, because she was still hungry.  She continued doing this all day both days.  I did manage to get her to smile in the middle, though.  I told her “You smell like old milk,” and she just gave me a very big smile.  I said it again, and she smiled again.  After about 5 times of smiling, she started crying.  Feeding time again!

Her skin continues to be quite dry at times, often looking red.  The following picture of a smiling Tomoe shows how her skin can get red and dry.

She's smiling a lot now!


Tomoe, 7 weeks old

I wanted to post this 2 days ago on her 7 week “birthday,” but we had internet problems.  There’s a lot to update about her.  Where do I start?

Her sleeping habits have been getting more regular.  By that, I mean that she sleeps at night and is often wide awake a lot of the day.  Unfortunately for my wife, this sometimes involves crying.  She only stops when she holds her.  A little separation anxiety?  She’s been sleeping 6 or 7 hours at night without waking up for feeding.  That’s giving us a much better sleep at night!

She’s also been having drinks other than milk and formula.  She tried water and didn’t dislike it.  She’s also had some barley tea, which she seems to like.  So far, she doesn’t seem very picky about flavours.

Tomoe loves going outside these days.  She often watches everything going by with a lot of interest.  She’s very calm outside.  So calm that she often falls asleep due to the walking motion.  She had her first bus ride last night.  She seems to enjoy traveling by car or bus.

Her facial expressions have become very expressive lately.  She’s showing her emotions quite a bit more now, and the best faces are when she’s interested in something or happy.  Yes, she’s started smiling!  I’ve found it quite difficult to get her smiling pictures, though.  The morning she started smiling, just 2 days ago, I couldn’t catch her on camera, but I got a partial smile.  This morning, she gave a huge smile, but again, I wasn’t ready to take a picture.  I got a smaller smile, though.  So, enjoy her smile!

This picture was taken two days ago. Almost a smile!

This morning, I managed to finally get her smile. But she's had bigger smiles.


Tomoe, 5 weeks old

Since Tomoe’s 1 month “birthday,” she passed a big test.  I’ve been reading that babies should have some tummy time, spending some time on their stomach to help exercise their neck muscles.  Well, I gave her a test, and she passed with flying colours!

Her neck has become strong. She can lift her head while she's on her stomach. In this picture, she's actually on my chest.

She maintained this position for more than a minute.

Not only is her neck getting stronger, but she can hold her head up when she’s being held vertically.  However, it’s not strong enough to prevent her head from falling backwards.  But she’ll be able to hold her head up well soon enough.

We’ve been going out with her more often, though she usually falls asleep in our arms while we walk.  Here’s a picture of her before we went out a couple days ago.

She got dressed up for us to go shopping. My mom bought this outfit for Tomoe.

Today (February 29th), she went to the clinic for her one month checkup.  She’s very healthy, and we have an update on her growth.  She’s now 4270 grams and 55 cm long.  The doctor gave my wife the green light for her and Tomoe to have a bath!

1 month old!

On February 25th, Tomoe turned 1 month old.  It’s hard to believe that a month has already passed.  That was a fast month.  Over the past month, she’s grown both physically and mentally.  Her personality is showing now.  She’s getting physically stronger, able to hold up her head.  She’s been watching us, watching bright shiny lights, and showing a lot of expressions on her face.  She’s also been going outside with us.

While it’s still cold outside, we bundle her up and take her along with us to the supermarket.  On her one month birthday, she took her first trip outside while still awake.  It was dark out, but she was so fascinated with all the lights.  During our 10 minute walk to Seiyu, she fell asleep in my arms, and didn’t wake up for the rest of our grocery shopping.

Tomoe also has a toy that I started using with her tonight.  She didn’t really do much with it, as she has poor control of her arms and hands still, but she did stare at it and study it carefully.  When playing with her in other ways, she starts breathing faster and making sounds, like she’s getting excited.  It should only be 2 to 4 weeks until she has her first genuine smile, and maybe even start laughing.  In addition, only 2 months until she starts eating solid food.  She’s been drinking greater amounts of milk and formula every week.

Here are some 1 month birthday pictures.

Can you hear that? She's snoring.

Tomoe has wings, but not from Red Bull.

All propped up. This is before she got ready to go out shopping.

Tomoe rabbit is ready for shopping at Seiyu.

She was fascinated with this toy for a while.