Best Christmas Season Ever

It’s Christmas Eve, and this has been the best Christmas season yet.  What a great few days it’s been, and it’s not even Christmas Day.

On Friday, we went to the clinic for Tomoe’s 10 month checkup, even though she’s about to turn 11 months old tomorrow.  She’s in good health, and everything about her seems quite average.  She’s now 9.3 kg and 72 cm tall.

After the visit to the clinic, we went walking around the area, then went to the park so she could play a bit.  Of course, she tried a bit of walking with our help, and then went on the swing.  She really loves it.


Going back.


And forward! Notice the city behind her? This park is at the top of a hill. Nice view! We can also see Mt. Fuji from there.


And from the side.


She was so sleepy when we got home, she fell asleep after she removed her pants.

Last night, we went to a Christmas party held by my wife’s friend in Sagamihara.  It was Tomoe’s first Christmas party.  She got to meet a few other kids and their families.  She was very outgoing and had a lot of fun.  There were two other babies there, and when Santa came, Tomoe was the bravest.  He was a charity Santa, and he brought presents that were already prepared by the parents.  Tomoe didn’t cry, but another baby did.


Tomoe the reindeer.

Tomoe with Santa!

Tomoe with Santa!

That was a fun party.  But today is Christmas Eve, and Tomoe had a bigger surprise for us.

She walked.  For the first time, she actually walked by herself.  She was cautious, but she did it!  Not just once, but she did it three times!  The day before her 11 month birthday, the day before Christmas, she could walk!  Amazing!


Out for a walk

Today was amazing.  Really gave me a good feeling all day.  More milestones in such a short time!  I can’t believe how quickly Tomoe is learning new things.  She’s really growing up fast.

First of all, she’s started pointing at things that she wants.  She doesn’t use her finger, just points with her whole hand.  We’re able to understand what she wants a lot more now.

Second, she’s finally learned to clap.  However, she doesn’t always get it right.  After clapping, she holds her hands together and pumps them up and down.  It’s quite funny to watch.

And then yesterday, she showed that she can get up from the floor and stand up without holding onto anything.  That’s a really big step!

But this is nothing compared to what she did today.  As I was going to work, we took Tomoe outside to say goodbye to me.  My wife and I each took one of her hands and let her walk between us.  And boy did she ever walk well!  I couldn’t believe it!  She walked for about 15-20 metres before my wife picked her up.  And as we got to the corner, she wanted to see her walk again.  So, here are a couple of pictures.


Looking at her mom’s feet? Or the shadow? I don’t know.


Great pose. I love this picture!

So, when will she walk on her own?  I think it’ll be before the end of the year.  Maybe she’ll be walking in time for our New Year’s Day at my in-laws’ house.

Almost milestones

Tomoe’s been pretty active lately with her development.  Even though she’s had a cold, and is only now recovering from it, she kept going as if she was never sick.  She’s almost achieved some milestones, though.

Her ability to walk keeps improving.  She’s been attempting to walk on her own recently, without us helping her.  She keeps falling over, though.  She’s managed one or two steps only, but she should be walking soon.

She’s also been getting closer to clapping.  That’s normally a 10 month milestone, but she hasn’t mastered this skill yet.  She did almost clap a couple days ago.  Her hands came together instead of moving her arms up and down.

But there’s one thing that she’s now doing that is an achievement.  She’s hugging!  Sometimes she wants to be picked up and holds her arms up, but other times, she’ll grab hold of my waist and hug.  She also holds onto me very well while I’m holding her.

Last week, she had her last vaccination for a while.  This one was for polio.  Next year, she’ll get some booster shots, but not at the frequency she’s received shots in the past few months.  And the great thing is, she never cried once!

Now, enjoy some pictures!


I’m drinking!


She loves playing with these gears. They must be her favourite toy.


Looking at a book now. She seems to turn the pages on her own now.


Now she’s wearing a new headband made by her mommy!


She’s really happy.


Where’d the smile go?


There it is! Looking cute.


After a busy day shopping at Costco, she took a nap.

Sick, but so full of energy

Tomoe may have a cold, but she sure doesn’t act like it.  She’s like the Energizer bunny.  She keeps going and going and going.  She hasn’t even had a nap yet today.  Just constant playing ever since she woke up around 9 hours ago.  It’ll be nice when she finally takes a nap.  Here are some of her playtime pictures.


Getting a gear out of her toy box.


She’s concentrating so much on her toys.

It’s a family cold

Well, we all have colds.  My symptoms started yesterday with a slight sore throat.  I just had a cold last month, and now I have another one.  My wife already had a cold, then Tomoe came down with one, and now me.

Tomoe’s cold is evolving.  It started out as just a runny nose, not unlike Niagara Falls.  Constant snot falls.  Tonight, as I was feeding her dinner, she made big snot bubbles with her nose.  Every time she breathed out, big bubbles came out of her nose.  But that’s not all.  Last night, she started coughing.  She isn’t coughing a lot, but it’s a very typical looking cold.  Despite this, she’s still got a tremendous amount of energy. Even with a cold, she doesn’t slow down.

Tonight, after being fed and given some very warm formula, she refused to sleep for more than an hour.  She spent that time talking to herself in bed, until she finally started crying.  Still hungry.  So, I fed her some more formula, that’s 350 mL in 1 1/2 hours, and she finally fell asleep.  Hopefully, she’ll still be asleep when we go to bed.

Tomorrow’s my day off, and it’ll be a day of rest for us.

Another milestone! Her first cold

Maybe this isn’t a milestone to be celebrated.  Tomoe is sick.  She has her first cold.  Luckily, it’s mostly just a runny nose, and boy does it run!  She needs it cleared out quite often.  We have something that sucks out the mucus into a small bottle, and she hates it.  Every time it’s used, she struggles and fights against us, crying loudly.  The look on her face when it’s done is saying “How could you do this?”  Well, she’ll have to endure it until her cold is gone.  She doesn’t seem to have any other symptoms, thankfully.

We’ve been hoping to get her to a baby centre these days, but thanks to her cold, we’ll have to start after she’s recovered.

Surprise walk

Tonight, just before going to bed, Tomoe gave me a big surprise.  She was playing in her bed at the far end, and I came over to pick her up and get her ready for bed.  I said, “Come over here.”  What she did next was amazing.  She lifted her arms, like she always does when she wants to be picked up, and walked towards me.  She walked with no support!  It was only 3 steps, but she actually walked.  It was almost a run.

On an unrelated note, she continues to say random words assembled with random syllables.  She has now said “Japan,” “yellow,” and now “bad idea.”