Tomoe loves food!

Sometimes she just plays with it.  Ever since she started getting her teeth, she’s been able to eat more solid food.  Tomoe no longer needs us to break up large things into small pieces all the time, such as with bread.  She just bites it.  She loves to eat carrots, tangerines, and fish hamburg steak.  She loves meat.

We took her to a restaurant, ordered some food for her, and she ate with a fork and spoon.  Of course, she didn’t do it herself.  But eventually, she ate with her fingers.  The rice was messy, as was the spinach.  However, the hamburg steak, fried potatoes, and sausage were easy for her to eat with her hands.  She really loves food.


Grabbing a piece of potato.


Putting a piece of sausage in her mouth.


This toddler’s skills are climbing

Tomoe’s had quite an exciting few days.  I think the parents are more excited, though.

Although she’s still crying most nights, I think it has a lot to do with separation anxiety.  She doesn’t want to be left alone.  As I mentioned last time, she’d cry when I held her, but not when my wife held her.  However, tonight, she kept wanting me instead!

Every week, we try to talk to my mom and sister on Skype, so they and Tomoe can get to know each other.  She now recognises them, and usually smiles as soon as she sees them.  But sometimes, it’s too much for her to sit still for a long time.  But last week, she got so sleepy that she fell asleep while we talked.


She fell asleep while we were on Skype.

While she’s been moody at night, during the day, she’s been quite active and happy.  This week, she did a couple of firsts.  The first is a big one.  She learned how to climb up on the sofa.  She does it so naturally now.  She’s also figured out how to get into her bouncer and sit down before eating.

When she has her diaper changed, Tomoe often holds her feet up for me, ready to have it put on.  It’s quite remarkable how much she’s understanding.

Another big thing she’s doing is learning how to give us things.  She’ll freely hand things to us when we ask for them.  She’s doing very well at that.

And now for some silly pictures.


Happy Tommy!


She fell asleep lying on her hand. Her hand left an impression on her leg.


It’s bedtime, and she doesn’t want to be left alone.

She just won’t sleep

Tomoe has been quite difficult at night lately.  She’ll sleep for about an hour, then wake up crying.  She’s been sleeping on and off for the past 5 hours, crying half of the time.  It’s not that she’s hungry.  She has no fever anymore.  She seems to be fine while she’s awake.  She just won’t stop crying.  I have a feeling she’s teething, and it’s a rather irritating tooth.

To top it all off, whenever I hold her, she cries.  She seems to not want to be held by me at all.  She’ll be in bed and need a diaper change, and I’ll pick her up.  She used to be happy to be picked up by me.  Now she just starts crying, and she cries really hard.  I don’t like this phase.

Unlucky Tomoe

Just a quick update today.  It seems that Tomoe’s had a pretty unlucky month.  First, she had a cold a month ago.  Then, she caught a stomach virus, which she got over about a week ago.  But now she has a fever.  This is the third time in a month that she’s been sick.  Her temperature was 39.7 degrees C tonight.  She has medicine for her fever, but if it’s still high tomorrow morning, she’s going to the doctor.

In other news, Tomoe has been walking better than ever.  She enjoys being chased outside, too.  I didn’t get to see it, but my wife was outside with her yesterday, and she was very excited when being chased.

She’s continued to develop her speech, as well.  Although she doesn’t say anything real, she’s actually been able to pronounce the “th” sound.  That’s one of the most difficult sounds to learn to say, and is often one of the last sounds children learn.  She can already do it.

She’s also started handing things to me.  Last night, I was going to change her diaper, and she walked over to me with a toy and gave it to me.  I was very surprised.  Usually, she has a tight grip on the toy if I try to take it, but she gave it to me.

And finally, while she’s getting her diaper changed, she actually lifts her foot up for me to put through her diaper.  She does the same with her pants.  She’s learning to be helpful!

And now, a couple pictures.


Sleepy Tomoe cuddling with her white and purple stuffed elephant.


Tomoe likes pushing her Jeep. Yes, that is a Jeep.

Happy 13 months!

Tomoe is 13 months old today!

Recently, she’s gotten over her stomach virus, but isn’t the best sleeper. She often wakes up still. We need to think about what to do when she’s too big for her bed, too. Probably back in our bed.

She’s been communicating even more with us, but mainly just baby talk. Her walking is getting stronger, too. She’s walking around more of the apartment now.

Some things I’ve observed about her recently are that she loves to look at the clock and she’s been searching for Biscuit. I guess she won’t understand what happened.

Well, just one picture today. This was after she took a bath. Great hair!


Don’t I have great hair?