Tomoe, a baby that gets into everything

Tomoe is nearly 7 months old now.  And she is very mobile!  She’s crawling very well now, and that’s been a problem.  We had to rearrange a few things in the living room to make it safer for her, but she still gets into everything!  Her favourite things tend to be paper, bags, anything plastic, and cans.  When I pick her up to move her away from things she shouldn’t have, she starts crying.  She’s starting minor tantrums.  She wanted them so much, but she was denied.  If she doesn’t get what she wants, she lays on the floor on her stomach, puts her head down on the floor and cries.  She also gets around quite a bit on the bed while we try to sleep.  I’ve woken up with her at the foot of the bed instead of up where she normally sleeps.

She’s also starting to say some new things.  Before, she often said “bababababa” and “mamamamama.”  Then she moved on to “wawawawawa” and “yayayayaya.”  Then it was “mehmehmehmehmeh.”  Now it’s “dadadadadada.”  The first time I heard her say “dadadada” was when she was looking at me and reaching for me to pick her up.  Of course, I’m pretty sure it was a coincidence, as she hasn’t done that since then, but it was a very nice coincidence!

The rest of this post is just pictures, showing her growing mobility skills.

She can pull herself up on the sofa to stand up now. She loves doing this.

She likes showing off, but sometimes she gets into trouble when she tries to pull things off the sofa.

She’s pretty happy to stand a lot these days.

She likes to fight sleep, but when she does fall asleep, she loves to do it while being held.

She’s quite comfortable.

She’ll sleep in almost any position.

On the floor, she has many toys, but for some reason, she loves this blue baby wet wipes box.

Tomoe’s been sleeping a lot on the floor lately. The bouncer restricts her movement too much, as she now likes to sleep on her stomach. She even fell asleep with her head on my foot.

She’s getting really good at holding her own bottle now.

And now some silliness. She crawled into her bouncer by herself.

Then she turned around and tried crawling out.

Such a silly girl.

Almost out!

Well, that’s all for this time.  The day before she turns 7 months old, on this Friday, she’s going to be getting her second DTP shot.


An eventful week for Tomoe

I don’t know how she does it, but Tomoe keeps surprising us.  Recently, she’s been standing up with support and sitting up without support.  But this week’s big news is that she has started crawling forward!  Now we have to work hard on baby-proofing and keeping her out of things she shouldn’t be touching.

I’m not exactly sure how long teething is supposed to last, but the signs of it are all there.  Just no teeth yet.  I’ve read that teething really only happens within days of a tooth emerging, but she’s had the symptoms for at least 2 months now.  Sometimes she’ll suddenly start crying and only stop when she’s able to chew on a teething ring or a hard toy.  This week, she’s been staying awake until at least 2 am, refusing to lie down to sleep.  Holding her doesn’t last very long, either.  She gets restless and wants to get on the floor to play with or chew on her toys.  One reason we need to baby-proof is that we need to be able to leave her for a moment to leave the room for food or use the bathroom.  She’s been pretty fussy lately if we leave her strapped in the bouncer.

As for chewing, she’s been eating quite a bit of baby food.  Some examples are fish and vegetables, bread (baby food style), spinach, potatoes, carrots, apple, sweet potato, and more.  We also have a snack for her to eat that’s like a rice cracker.  She seems to love it, and it breaks apart easily while she gums it.  Here are some pictures of her with it.

Holding an entire piece in her mouth.

Trying to sit and eat with her hand.

Smelling it? No, just missing her mouth.

It gets a little messy.

There’s something on your lips.

Holding on tight to that piece.

She’s also been showing a lot of personality.  Her favourite thing to say these days is “mehmehmehmehmeh.”  She sounds a bit like a cicada. She also likes making faces.  When I make the same face, she laughs.  And she sure does laugh a lot these days.

Funny face.

Last Friday, we went to Warabi city in Saitama prefecture, which is my wife’s hometown.  They have an annual festival in early August, and we’ve been going every year for the past 2 years.  This year, we went again, but we arrived at the very beginning.  There was very little food available at the time.  However, as the afternoon went on, more and more food stands opened and people were coming.  I had some jaga bataa (potatoes and butter), cucumber, frankfurter, and kakigori (shaved ice). It was a very hot day, about 34 degrees, and I got a sunburn.  Tomoe was shaded in her baby carriage.

Still putting up the decorations.

I’m standing inside one of the decorations.

I was inside this.

Tomoe dressed in her jinbei.

Sunny and hot day and decorations are hanging everywhere. It’s still early, most people are still at work, but it’ll be crowded in the evening.

Some bright red decorations.

Although Tomoe has been having trouble going to sleep at night, she still naps well during the day.  She’s been sleeping in many different positions.  No longer is she just on her back, but now she’s on her side and stomach.  I even woke up one morning to find her halfway down our bed laying perpendicular to the normal position.

She is so sleepy!

How can she sleep like this?

Tomoe’s half birthday celebration

Tomoe’s 6 month “birthday” was last week, and a couple days later, we had a big day of fun for her.  We went to Shonan Terrace Mall last Friday and gave her a fun day.

What? I have a birthday already?

At the mall, we had her 6 month picture taken.  She got to wear two dresses, a yellow one and a green one.  They were basically like a princess kind of dress.  At the time, she was a bit sleepy and hungry, so wasn’t in much of a mood to smile.  We did get a smile, but most of the time, she just didn’t show much happiness during the photo shoot.  After that, we had lunch.  She’s been eating plenty of baby food lately, and she’s getting very good at it.

We’re going where?? I can’t believe it!!

We went to a place called Kid Kid, which is a big play area for kids from 6 months to 12 years old.  There are many areas for kids to play in, but we spent most of the time in the baby area.

Look at all the toys!!

Wow! There are so many balls!

I’m Queen of the ball pit!

Is this a buckyball? Why is mommy touching my ear?

Oh no! The balls are winning!!!

Get me out of here!

I’m a big girl! I can stand!

I love this toy! It’s so much fun!

Oh, I’m back in here again? I’ll try to be brave this time!

This colourful ball is so interesting!

I really like it in here!

This is my favourite ball!

Hey, is that me?

I can see myself!

Hello! Who are you?

You look like me!

This ball pit is so big!!!

Help me! I’m sinking!!!

We did a lot of things in Kid Kid.  We spent 1 1/2 hours there, and she really had a good time.  But it was time to get going.  Time to go home.

I’m so exhausted!

After we arrived home, we went to the park near our apartment to play with bubbles.

Oops! Caught her blinking.

Oh wow! What are those?

There were a lot of children in the park at this time, and I think they had more fun with the bubbles than Tomoe did.  She seemed to ignore them most of the time.  The kids, all girls, kept playing with the bubbles.

So many bubbles, but I couldn’t capture them well with the camera.

They were moving too fast.

This is a bit better.

So many big bubbles!

The bubbles were very colourful, but a bit sticky.

The bubbles got smaller and smaller, so it was harder to see them.

Most of the time, they were just a blur.

Tomoe was very popular that day.  A young girl, about 7 or 8 years old, came up to me and said to me in English, “Hello.”  So I said “Hello” back to her.  Then she asked me, “What is her name?” I answered, “Her name is Tomoe.” I was so surprised that this girl came to talk to me in English.  There were also some housewives walking there dogs who came over to us and made a huge fuss over how cute Tomoe is and how white her skin is. One of them saw the bubbles from the street below the park and was surprised.  The park is on a hill, and the bubbles went down the side of the hill.

It was a busy day for us, but it was a lot of fun.

Half a year!

Today, it’s Tomoe’s half year birthday!  6 months ago, she was born!  It’s been a fast 6 months, but it also feels like she’s always been here.  I can’t imagine life without her.

In the past 6 months, she’s gone from a small newborn who couldn’t do much other than feed, cry and sleep, to a baby who is eating baby food, making use of her arms and legs to move around a little bit, playing with toys, smiling, laughing, and even holding herself up on her feet.  She’s come a long way, but still a lot more exciting changes ahead!