Tomoe, 100 days old

Today, Tomoe is 100 days old.  This is an important day in Japan, and a big meal is prepared for 100 day old babies to ensure that they will never have to go hungry in their entire lives.  We had our big meal on Monday with the family, as I’d already posted about.

At this stage of a baby’s development, a lot is happening.  Babies are very actively moving their arms and legs around.  Tomoe does that a lot.  She also kicks pretty hard now.  Another thing she really enjoys is being held upright with her feet on the floor or on my wife or I.  She pushes down so that she’s kind of standing.  It makes her give a big smile.  Babies are also supposed to start getting interested in toys, especially holding or hitting them.  Tomoe will hold a toy and stare at it, but that’s about it.

Babies also like to touch things and feel them.  Tomoe is always trying to grab onto something.  It doesn’t matter what, she holds on tight.  It gets slightly painful when she digs her fingernails into my hand or arm, too.  When she does hold something, she always tries to move it to her mouth.  This is also quite normal.  She usually tries sucking on her bib or clothes.  Another thing she loves to feel is being blown on.  We just blow at her hair, and she makes a gasping sound and a very happy looking face.

Tomoe is incredibly alert.  She’s always looking around at things, and when we’re walking around the apartment, she’ll follow us with her eyes.  She’s also unbelievably vocal.  She makes a lot of sounds.  Although she doesn’t have a big laugh yet, which normally happens within the next couple of weeks, she does make a quick laugh sometimes.

We’ve been giving her a lot of tummy time, as well.  This is helping her strengthen her neck, shoulders, back and arms.  By the time she’s 4 months old, she should be able to hold herself up with her arms and also roll herself over.  She’s almost done that once, only making it halfway.

As far as language development goes, we’ve been talking to her, showing her things and telling her what they are.  She may not understand, but she’s learning how we speak, and will eventually try to mimic the sounds.

Finally, here are some pictures.  Being her 100th day, we did find a couple of very lucky things.  Scroll down to the last 2 pictures, and you’ll see.

There’s me holding Tomoe while she sucks on her thumb. She fell asleep shortly after that.

Sleeping on the sofa. She’s done a lot of that this week.

She tried to feed herself, but no control.

It was raining a bit today, and we managed to see this rainbow on Tomoe’s 100th day.

For even more luck, we found a four leaf clover!


Moody baby discovers her hands!

Lately, Tomoe hasn’t been taking naps well at all during the day.  She’s been spending her day awake and crying.  She’s full, but keeps crying.  Her diaper’s been changed, but keeps crying.  She drools a lot, but she doesn’t seem to be teething.  Still a little early for that.  She just doesn’t settle down.  She only seems to settle down if she’s being held or if she’s outside.  I’ve been finding it difficult to do any blogging or writing.

Tomoe’s definitely developing at a fast pace mentally.  She’s extremely aware of her surroundings now.  She watches everything.  She focuses on us when we speak, and she’s very attentive about how we speak.  If I talk to her, she’ll stare at me and follow my mouth movements.  She often smiles when I talk to her.  She’s beginning to make sounds that are almost laughs.  Can’t to wait to hear her laugh.

She’s also found out that those hands that are waving around in front of her are actually hers.  She’s gaining control of them, and now directs them to her mouth to suck on.  Whenever I hear a kissing sound from her, I know she’s sucking on her hand.  She’s also grasping at things, usually a finger, her blanket or my wife’s lip or hair.

She sleeps quite well at night these days, probably because she’s awake all day.  I think the longest was more than 8 hours in one stretch.

Now that she’s looking around a lot and she’s probably restless while laying down alone, we need to consider getting her a toy that hangs above her so she can be occupied and stimulated.  We saw something at Akachan Honpo that looks good.

In other news, a couple other Japan bloggers have just had babies of their own, David of Ogijima and Salaryman of Foreign Salaryman in Tokyo. Congrats!

And now, a picture.

Oh no! What did I just do??? (Actually, she's asleep and her mom put her hands like this)

Tomoe, 4 weeks old

Sorry, no pictures this time.  But we’re having quite the day with Tomoe.  She hasn’t slept much at all today, so my wife is very tired.  She’s been pretty hungry, too.

I was exploring the Baby Center website again, looking at what a 4 week old is like.  At this age, she should be starting to play with brightly coloured toys.  I tend to play with her myself a bit, and today, she was making sounds like she was excited.  She’s becoming more vocal, too.  She watches us quite a bit now.  She should also be noticing her hands and feet now.

We’re going to have to consider getting her some toys and picture books soon.

Tomoe’s big milestones this week

1 month is fast approaching this week, and Tomoe’s made some big advances in the last few days.  A couple weeks ago, she slept almost all the time, stared at nothing in particular, didn’t really focus on anything, and couldn’t lift her head at all.  That’s all changed!

Today, Tomoe was awake a lot.  She seemed to be far more aware and paid a lot of attention to things.  She’s been watching us.  As we go up to her, she looks at our faces.  She’s been looking around a lot, as well.  She’s been moving her head quite a bit to focus on various things, although her eyesight isn’t good enough to make out things farther than half a metre or so.  However, she is focusing on light and colour.  I’ve used my iPhone to give her something colourful and bright to focus on, and she tracks it quite well as I move it.  She has far more control over her eyes and head movements now.  Another thing we’ve noticed her doing is looking at the TV, most likely because it’s giving off a colourful light that moves around.  2 weeks ago, when I looked into her eyes, she didn’t seem to have any kind of focus.  Just a blank stare at times, though she did watch my face a bit.  But now, I see so much expression in her eyes.  Her personality is starting to show.

Another big milestone is her ability to hold up her head.  Today, I placed her on my chest while I was reclining, and she lifted her head to look at me.  She held her head up for quite a while.  This is important, because she can soon sit up and hold her own head up.  Her neck muscles are developing well.

Just a few pictures now.  Enjoy!

Stretch time!

Making funny faces is my job!

Back to sleep peacefully.


Tomoe, 16 days old

Tomoe’s been pretty good lately.  Going to sleep well at night, not being so fussy.  Well, until tonight, that is.  She already ate a lot, and is still behaving like she wants more.  She’s using a pacifier right now, so hopefully she will settle down and get some sleep.

Tonight, I’ve noticed how much more aware she is.  She’s looking around a lot, and she’s paying attention to things a lot more.  For example, when I look at her face, she’ll look back at my face.  Not necessarily at my eyes, but she’s looking at me.  When I was burping her, she suddenly turned her head to look directly at me, and her eyes went very wide as she realised how close to my face she was.  It was quite funny.

Today was also her first time vomiting.  Another first is her snoring.  That’s normal for babies, though.  Her air passages are quite narrow, so it happens to most babies.  And finally, maybe this wasn’t intentional, but she let go of her pacifier, and it fell into her open hand.  She then pushed the pacifier back into her mouth and kept it there.  Not sure if she meant to do that or if it was just happenstance.