Eating and Talking

Here’s one of those few updates I’ll be giving.

Tomoe’s been eating on her own for close to a month now.  She keeps getting better, although she still drops food on the table and herself.  She usually refuses to be fed by us, but when she has trouble with something, she hands us her spoon so we can give her a hand.


Eating rice and minestrone.


In her mouth it goes.


Closing her eyes because it tastes so good? No, just blinking.

In addition to eating, she’s been talking and understanding quite a bit more.  Although she still uses mostly baby talk, she has been using more words than before.  Her latest new words are:

  • banana (was nana, but she said the entire word today)
  • dog (dah!)
  • cat (daaah)
  • diaper (die-pah)
  • thank you (various pronunciations)
  • Anpanman (Anmanman)

She understands so much more, too.  She puts things in the garbage when asked, she sits and stands when asked. She understands when it’s time to go to the nursery, she needs to go to the door and wait for us to put her shoes on.  However, she thinks it’s acceptable behaviour to hit a glass table with her toys very hard, hit us in the face, and play with the electric fan.  Unfortunately, she now knows how to plug in the fan and turn it on.  She can also open doors now, knows how to use a computer mouse (I now have to close my computer if I leave my computer alone around her, as she’s managed to change display settings somehow), and is constantly choosing pants or shorts for herself to wear, even if she’s already wearing some.  But there’s one thing she’s always doing every day, and that’s dancing.  She loves dancing so much she’ll do it without music.  She usually dances the dance at the end of each Anpanman episode.  They do it at her nursery.

I’m looking forward to when we can have conversations with Tomoe.


Cuteness Overload

The skills this little girl has keep growing.  It’s amazing to watch her develop.  She can build a tower with her blocks.


She’s getting really good with her hands.

But a couple days ago, she showed us just how cute she can be.  Tomoe was in an incredibly good mood for much of the day, and it started out with a shower.  I gave her a shower, which she loves.  She plays with the water, she washes her hands with the soap, and she behaves very well.  After the shower, she decided she wanted to wear my slippers.


Her feet are a bit too small.

I later went out with her to pick up my wife from the bus stop near the local Ito Yokado, and we went out for some sushi.  Tomoe doesn’t yet eat raw fish, so she ate mainly just rice and French fries, as well as drank some apple juice.  She not only fed the fries to herself, but she also offered them to my wife and I.  She was feeding us!  She loved it.  We gave her some ketchup, but instead of eating the fries with the ketchup, she kept licking it off the potatoes.

After eating, we walked to the drug store to get a few things we needed.  On the way, she started singing and dancing.  She moved her arms kind of like the Go-go, but it was part of a dance that she learned at her nursery.  She did it for about 10 straight minutes.  It was an overload of cuteness!

After shopping, Tomoe wanted to carry some of the things we bought, so we gave her the tissues.


She was so happy to help us!

Unfortunately, they weren’t that easy for her to carry all the way, and she kept dropping it.  But she really wanted to carry it.  In the end, we carried it, and she complained.

This morning, after getting her ready to go to the nursery, the driver picking her up finally arrived.  He was a bit later than usual.  Instead of carrying Tomoe out, I let her walk out to the car herself.  When she saw him and the car, she ran to him and he picked her up, putting her in the car.  She loves the nursery.  And I think she learns a lot there.

Today’s new words include:  mugicha (barley tea in Japanese) and eye (I was pointing out an eye, and she repeated me).

Is it Finally Over?


Take me to your leader.

So, is it finally over?  Is Tomoe finally healthy?  Last Friday, she visited the clinic, got an almost clean bill of health, and finally got her MR vaccine!  She’s now got protection from measles and rubella!  Hurray for the wonderful vaccines.  I’m happy because this was extremely important for not only her health, but also her ability to stay at the clinic nursery if she’s sick again.

Tomoe is now 1 year and 5 months old.  She’s just a month shy of 18 months.  She’s talking more than ever.  She will sometimes use the words she’s learned and repeat them over and over again at the most inappropriate times.  She’ll walk around saying “hello” or “bye bye” (yes, she can finally say it correctly) when no one is coming or going.  She says “nai-nai” for “night night,” though often when she isn’t going to bed.

She can also be quite the brat now.  She has tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants.  She’ll try hitting my computer, and when I tell her not to, she gets angry and hits me instead.  She has no concept of right or wrong yet.  She gets angry if I’m eating.  She’s already eaten her dinner, but if I eat my dinner, she gets really upset, because she thinks she’s having more dinner.  She thinks all the food is her food!  When she wants to eat something we have, she opens her mouth and says “Aaaaah.”  But she can feed herself, although mostly unsuccessfully.  She doesn’t have the skills to use a fork very well.


Trying to eat McDonald’s pancakes.


Let’s just use our fingers instead.


She got plenty of syrup on her fingers.

Tomoe’s been going through the night without peeing lately, as well.  She’s gaining bladder control, which means she could start potty training sometime soon.  However, she needs to be able to follow instructions and sit still.  She refuses to sit still these days.  It’s difficult to keep her in a car seat.  The nursery driver has told us she’s been difficult to keep still with the seat’s straps.  Not only is she getting out of straps, but she’s started undressing herself.  I’ve founder her without her clothes on while she’s napping.  She also has an interest in putting her clothes on.  This morning, she tried pulling up her pants by herself.  She was proud of herself and smiled really big.

She’s also made a good friend at the nursery.  She’s very close with another girl her age.  However, the nursery staff was very apologetic with my wife, telling her that the other girl had bitten her on her arm and finger.  She was even bleeding from the bite on her finger.  I’m pretty sure the other kid isn’t a vampire or zombie.

Well, Tomoe’s healthy, but I’m sick.  My turn to catch a cold.

Tomoe loves food!

Sometimes she just plays with it.  Ever since she started getting her teeth, she’s been able to eat more solid food.  Tomoe no longer needs us to break up large things into small pieces all the time, such as with bread.  She just bites it.  She loves to eat carrots, tangerines, and fish hamburg steak.  She loves meat.

We took her to a restaurant, ordered some food for her, and she ate with a fork and spoon.  Of course, she didn’t do it herself.  But eventually, she ate with her fingers.  The rice was messy, as was the spinach.  However, the hamburg steak, fried potatoes, and sausage were easy for her to eat with her hands.  She really loves food.


Grabbing a piece of potato.


Putting a piece of sausage in her mouth.

My daughter, the comedian

Although she may be cranky at times during her cold, Tomoe still manages to laugh a lot.  She’s a little comedian.

A lot of things will amuse her: suddenly moving my face close to hers, making a funny sound, jumping up and down.  She has a really good time!

Today, she did some things that were quite funny.  This morning, after she finished eating, she decided to start eating her feet.


Not satisfied with her breakfast, she wanted something more.


Toe jam!

In the evening, she was left to play on her own in her bed, where she laughed almost constantly.  I’m glad she can amuse herself.  But I was curious about what was so funny.  When I went into the bedroom, I saw something I’ve never seen her do before.  She has a box, around 40cm x 40cm x 40cm, and it’s basically her toy box.  It has many toys on the outside, too.  One side is a net with a pocket, so you can put books or cards in it.  Well, Tomoe had other ideas.  She climbed on top of the box and stuck one of her feet into the pocket.  She was patting her foot in the pocket and laughing.  She thought it was hilarious!


Funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

I left her alone for a while again, but I could hear some banging noise and more laughing.  I went into the bedroom again to find her sitting in her bed with her feet inside the box.  It wasn’t just an open end, this was a smaller hole that normally has a door.  She was sitting with her feet kicking the bottom of the box.  Every time she kicked, she laughed.  She was having the time of her life.  When I came in, she wanted to stand up, but she was a bit stuck, so she started crying.  I did manage to get a picture before she was completely out of the box.


I’m stuck!

Tomoe has been getting very creative about playing.  She’s able to independently play, which is a good thing.  This is the age at which babies and toddlers have separation anxiety.  She does sometimes, but when she occupies herself, she forgets all about it.

Eating, teething, and more

Plenty has happened for Tomoe in the last couple weeks.  We’ve had a couple of immunizations, some physical development, and more!

First of all, a week ago, she got her Hib vaccine (Haemophilus influenzae type b) and this week got her Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine.  She was pretty good for both, though she gave a bit of a sound during today’s shot.

Physically, Tomoe is getting stronger.  She’s can stand with support, and frequently bounces between squatting and standing.  She’s also been able to stand by herself once, but only for 1 or 2 seconds. She’s getting pretty good at holding things and manipulating them with both hands.

Recently, she hasn’t been eating solid food as much.  She’s been chewing on things a lot, and it appears that a tooth is finally close to coming in.  She’s also been having difficulty sleeping at night, most likely due to this.  We’re discovering some of her likes and dislikes.  She loves yogurt.  But it seems she doesn’t like cheese.

Her intelligence is most definitely developing.  She can communicate some things with us.  When she wants to be picked up, she reaches her arms out.  It appears that she can copy waving a bit.  She also loves to clap my hands.  She doesn’t clap her own hands yet, though.

One big thing that may turn out to be difficult is that she showed signs of separation anxiety when I was home alone with her one night.  My wife was working, and she kept crying no matter what I did.  Feeding, changing her diaper, playing with her, holding her, all resulted in crying.  But that was only one night, thankfully.

I think I’ll finish with some pictures! Enjoy.


Nice hair! She just had a bath.


Holding the spoon, but no skill. She can’t feed herself yet.


Two hands are better than one?


She’s happy to eat real food.


Close up!


Sometimes she can move around a lot. She has a teething toy on her head. This was after her Hib shot.


She loves to watch our dog Biscuit.


Sleeping with her favourite blanket.


Snacking on a rice cracker.


She’s really devilish.


She doesn’t seem very scary.


Because of her teething, she’s rubbing her gums on the edge of the bed.


Biting hard!

4 month checkup

Tomoe just had her 4 month checkup.  Basically, she’s healthy.  No problems.  She’s average in weight and length.  Up until now, we’ve only been able to guess about her weight.  Now we know that she’s 6.6 kg, exactly twice her birth weight.  Her length is now 61.2 cm, just 11.2 cm longer than when she was born, but length increases slower than weight.

She was an idol at the clinic, according to my wife.  Everyone wanted to hold her, saying she was like a doll.

Checking, her behaviour and development seems to be right on track.  She should be eating less often, but as the website says, she becomes quite distracted while feeding.  That is certainly true.  It can be difficult to feed her, because she keeps wanting to look around.  She’s also always trying to grab our hands or the bottle while she’s feeding.  It makes her feeding sessions a bit shorter when I do it, because she won’t concentrate on feeding.

She’s also been playing with her hands and feet a lot.  She kicks really hard and she’ll keep doing it repeatedly.  Babies at this age repeatedly do the same motion to test the results.  She’s experimenting!  She’s learning how her body works.  And since she’s testing and playing by herself, she doesn’t need our attention all the time.  She’s becoming a little independent with her playing.

It seems that the behaviours described on are happening to Tomoe about 1 or 2 weeks early.  She’s developing quickly!