Big Steps

Tomoe is finally healthy.  Yay!  No fever, no diarrhea, and she’s back at her regular nursery.  That’s great for her and great for us.  We can finally resume our normal lives.  Or can we?  Tomoe is learning new things at a furious pace.  It’s absolutely incredible.

Tomoe’s at the age when she’s copying everything.  She mimics us, as I’ve said before.  Well, she’s learned some more things, but not necessarily mimicking.  These are practical skills!

First of all, she’s been able to climb stairs with some difficulty, and always just low steps and a short distance.  Well, this week, she climbed an entire staircase by herself… 3 times.  She really wanted to climb the staircase in our building, so I just followed behind her to make sure she didn’t fall.  She loved it!  Just look at these pictures.


I’m a blurry climbing toddler!


Going up!


My hands got really dirty.

Another practical skill she’s learned is using a fork and spoon.  While her ability is still not perfect, she hits her mouth every time.  However, she sometimes drops the food.


I can use a spoon!

As I said before, Tomoe’s mimicking a lot, and this includes words.  Not only is she saying “hello” when playing with her toy cell phone, she showed today that she can also say “bye bye.”  But it sounded more like “ai ai.”  She loves plastic drink bottles, as well, and when she showed me a bottle of tea, I pointed at a picture of tea and said “tea.” Would you believe she repeated that?  She said “tea” about 3 or 4 times.  And the big one was that instead of saying “dada” to refer to me, she actually said “daddy.”  Not just once, but several times!  We finally have a toddler who’s trying to talk!


Tomoe, 8 weeks old

Another week has passed, and Tomoe keeps growing up.  Well, she’s still a baby, but a lot can happen in a week.

She’s continuing to smile.  She smiles a lot now, especially when I talk.  It seems that whenever I’m talking to my wife or to her, she watches me intently and smiles quite often.  But she’s not all smiles these days.

It appears that she may be suffering from gas on occasion.  Tonight, she’s been good, but for the previous two nights, she’s been extremely fussy.  She’d drink only a little, then refuse to have any more.  We’d put her down for a while, then she’d start crying again, because she was still hungry.  She continued doing this all day both days.  I did manage to get her to smile in the middle, though.  I told her “You smell like old milk,” and she just gave me a very big smile.  I said it again, and she smiled again.  After about 5 times of smiling, she started crying.  Feeding time again!

Her skin continues to be quite dry at times, often looking red.  The following picture of a smiling Tomoe shows how her skin can get red and dry.

She's smiling a lot now!

Tomoe is home

Early this morning (February 2nd), I went to the clinic with my mother-in-law to pick up my wife and Tomoe.  They were finally coming home!  When we got home, Tomoe was quickly acquainted with her new bed.  I took a few pictures, but unfortunately, my computer email is not receiving emails for some reason.  I’ll post the pictures as soon as I can.

As I was about to leave for work, Tomoe was awake, and I gave her my finger to hold.  She wouldn’t let go.  She has a pretty strong grip.  But I had to go to work, so I had to break free of her vice grip.

After work, I got to feed her for the first time.  It took a little getting used to, but I got the hang of it.  Now, burping I don’t have the hang of yet.  But she didn’t seem to burp at all.

Anyway, I wish this wasn’t such a short post.  If only Yahoo mail would work properly.

Tomoe, 5 days old

After working a day, I could finally go back to the clinic to see my wife and daughter.  It was great to see them!  But last night, after my last post, my wife sent me a picture.  This is what I got.

Last night, my wife took this picture of Tomoe feeding.

She’s feeding pretty well, but apparently, she’s drinking milk sometimes and formula other times.  Today, she was supposed to be fed around 4pm, but when I arrived, she was sound asleep. A nurse said she’s the kind of baby that drinks a lot, then sleeps a long time.  My visit today was shorter than usual, but I got some great pictures and a great treat from her.  So, to start, here is what I got to see when I arrived.

She was sleeping peacefully when I saw her today.

Tomoe now has 4 roommates. 1 other girl and 3 boys.

She's making a funny face after stretching.

It was time for her to be fed, so I went to the dining room to wait and read a while.  When feeding was done, my wife came and got me to see her.  She was awake!

After being fed, she was awake for a while.

Looking right at me!

Oh, she's crying now.

Just before I went home, she looked at me again.

When she started crying, I was surprised about how I felt.  I wanted to help her somehow.  I guess there was nothing I could do.  She could have been tired or still a bit hungry.  She has a big appetite!  She stopped crying just before dinner service started.  I had to go home.  But she gave me one last look before I went home.

Unfortunately, I can’t see them tomorrow or Wednesday due to work.  However, they’re coming home on Thursday!  I can’t wait.