Our ailing dog and toddler

Just a quick update.  As I said before, our dog Biscuit wasn’t able to stand yesterday.  Well, this morning, he got up and started walking. He walked for much of the morning.  I even took him outside.


Feels great to be outside!

Although he was walking, he’s back to just laying down now.  He’ll have his ups and downs.

Tomoe’s update is less positive.  Last night, she had a fever of 38.6 degrees C.  Today, we went out shopping at Costco, and later went to a clinic because she was producing nothing but thin yellow liquid poop that smelled really bad.  She also slept a lot, although her fever has gone away.  So, what did we find out?  She has a stomach virus, what people commonly call the stomach flu.  She can’t eat any solid food until it’s cleared up.  And when she does have something, it can only be tea, watered down formula, and an ion water drink.


Sitting in the car we rented outside of the clinic.

Hopefully, Tomoe will be feeling good soon.


It may seem mundane, but it’s very exciting!

Parents with babies are interesting people, don’t you think?  We often find the most basic things amazing about our babies.  We get excited when Tomoe takes a single step without holding onto anything.  That’s understandable, I think.  What parent doesn’t want to see their baby walking?  I’ve seen her take 3 steps.  But I’ve got one thing that’s so mundane that it wouldn’t register on most people’s minds as amazing.

She licked food off of her lips.  That’s right!  She’s discovered how to get that stray rice grain off of her lip instead of letting it fall onto or into her clothes.  How’s that for mundane?

Oh yeah, and she had her first totally solid poop today.  Not mundane.  This is a bigger milestone, I think.

For my readers who have kids, what did you get excited about?

Now she makes Japanese curry

Before I get to the title of this post, I’ll make a couple of updates on Tomoe.

First of all, I mentioned that she’s been mimicking me when I shake my head and say “no” to her.  Well, it’s not quite mimicking.  She also shakes her head when I merely say “no.”  I don’t have to shake my head.  She seems to understand that this gesture and word go together.  She’s learning language!

Another new thing is that she immediately figured out how to use a straw when drinking.  So, she has a new way to drink!  Of course, she still uses the bottle, and will until she’s finished with formula.


She can drink with a straw!

Now, as for the title of this post, my wife affectionately refers to Tomoe’s poop as curry.  Up until recently, her poop was greenish (Thai curry) or yellowish and chunky (tuna curry).  Well, her poop has finally become a more normal brown colour, or Japanese curry.  You see, Japanese curry is brown.  Got it?  I hope I haven’t spoiled your appetite for curry.  I actually ate curry for dinner tonight.

The quest for the perfect diaper

As with any product, the search for the perfect brand requires extensive testing.  This is especially true for diapers.  Tomoe is now at about 6 kg, which means she can now move up to the medium size diapers (6-11 kg) from the small size (4-8 kg).  The small diapers have been getting quite tight on her, as well as being somewhat too small to hold in all her poop.  Yes, she’s leaked quite often lately.

We’ve tried a few brands, including Pampers, Merries, Moony and Goo.n.  We’ve been using mostly Pampers for the small size, though we’ve been using Goo.n recently.  The small size Moony diapers leaked a bit more than others, though Pampers and Goo.n have been leaking a lot lately.

Now, we’ve moved on to medium.  We just bought Pampers and Moony today, so we’ll see how they work.  One thing’s for certain, the medium fits much better than the small.  Pampers fits extremely well, and my wife said that she’s probably a Pampers baby, meaning she’s the right shape for them.  The Moony diapers have an advantage, though.  They have an elastic waste band.  We’ll see how both brands hold up to leaks, and if they hold enough volume of poop.

So, from now on, we are conducting the poop test.


Tomoe’s first three days home

In my previous post, I’d wanted to post some pictures of Tomoe’s first day at home.  Well, here they are!

Tomoe is in her new bed for the first time.

She's sound asleep. She slept all the way home.

Before I went to work, she wouldn't let go of my finger.

She looks so peaceful sleeping on the sofa.

She was quite peaceful her first night at home.  She was quiet, ate well and went to sleep after being fed.  I got to feed her around 1 am on Thursday night.  She woke up at about 5 am, ready to be fed again.  I was up between 5 and 6 am, because she was being a bit fussy and was waiting for some formula.  Just as I went back to bed at 6 am, my mother-in-law was just getting up.

In the morning, after getting up, she was pretty calm and peaceful again.  It seems she’s quiet during the day.  On Friday evening, when I got home, I got to experience another side of her.  She was extremely fussy from the time I got home until we finally got to bed around 1 am.  My wife was exhausted.  She didn’t get a nap and didn’t sleep well during the night.  But that night, as I fed her again, she held on to the bottle.

She had a firm grip on her bottle. She was also sleeping!

The other big thing that happened on Friday was that her umbilical cord fell off.  It happened while I was at work.  We’re keeping it in a small box that’ll keep it dry.

Tomoe's umbilical cord fell off.

Well, today was a bit of a sleepy day, although I worked long hours.  When I got home, Tomoe was sleeping, but soon woke up.  Then the fun started!  She cried off and on, was fed a couple of times, and didn’t sleep at all.  And then, in the past hour, she pooped 4 times.  She had to have her diaper changed 4 times in an hour.  She is a poop factory.  And as I write this, after sleeping for about 10 minutes, she’s crying yet again.  She seems to get quite fussy in the evenings.