What’s new at 5 months? Plenty!

Tomorrow, Tomoe will be 5 months old.  Just one month to go until she’s half a year old!

This has been a busy week for her.  She should be getting to the stage where she can sit up on her own.  We’ve been trying to get her to do it, but she’s not completely successful.  She leans forward too much, as her back and legs aren’t strong enough yet.  But she should be able to do it soon.

Trying to sit up.

Oh, you’re taking my picture!

This is hard!

She’s also been continuing her exploration with her hands.  She grabs everything now.  This past week, she’s finally started grabbing her feet.  She does it a lot now!

See? These are my feet!

She continues to enjoy rolling over onto her stomach.  However, it’s pretty boring just laying there on her stomach, so she needs something to play with.  So, we got her a play mat.  She seems to enjoy the butterfly a lot.

Hey, what’s that tiger doing there?

Tomoe’s often trying to hold her bottle while she’s being fed, but she’s not very good at it.  The larger glass bottles are too heavy for her.  But she has a bottle with handles, and we’ve given it a try.  It seems to be a success!

Look! I can use my hands!

I’m a master!

Tomoe really enjoys being talked to, and she’s been laughing so much.  Just saying “hi” to her makes her smile.  She may actually be recognising her own name now, as she does respond by looking at us when we say her name…sometimes.

I wonder what this month will hold for us.


The master of rolling over

The past few days have been quite amazing, although slightly frustrating, for Tomoe.

She’s become a master of rolling over from her back to her front.  She does it so quickly now, it’s amazing that only a week ago, she struggled for several minutes trying to do it without success.  Now, whenever she’s on her back, she always wants to flip over.  Unfortunately, this means that when her diaper is being changed, she tries to do it then, too.  She’s incredibly squirmy when being changed.

Her dexterity with her hands has improved drastically recently, as well.  She reaches for things now.  Before, she would only hold things if we put them in her hand.  She also manipulates anything she’s holding, examining it closely.  Just a few minutes ago, she was holding onto my hand and studying it carefully.  She then kept moving my hand away, then close again, then away again, then closer once more, and kept repeating this for about 2 or 3 minutes.  She’s testing what she can do and how everything reacts to what she’s doing.  She’s studying very actively these days.

For the past few days, she’s also been extremely active at night.  She’s constantly moving, kicking and talking.  We want to sleep, but she won’t settle down.  Hopefully, this is just a little phase.  But she’s in a good mood through all of this.

Tomoe’s discovered a game that she loves.  Peek-a-boo!  I often cover her face with her bib, and she gets very excited.  When I lift it from her face, her eyes are big and her mouth is wide open.  She gasps like she’s surprised and very excited.  After several times, I lift her bib only halfway up, and she can anticipate what’ll happen next.  She gasps excitedly and gives a big smile.  She loves it!

From BabyCenter’s website, I can see that her development is on target.  She’s definitely developing a sense of humour.  She laughs a lot these days.  She’s a very happy smiling and laughing baby.  As I’ve said above, she manipulates objects that she holds, and she focuses a lot on objects around her.  She’s very interested in many things.

And now for some pictures!

Sleeping peacefully.

She’s rolling over!

It was a hot, sunny day last Friday, and she got some new sunglasses. But they’re still a bit too big for her.

Here’s a cute picture taken by my wife.

Two gifts, one pleasant, the other not

We received a package in the mail from my aunt.  It has some books, toys and clothes, including a handmade dress and jacket!  Thank you very much!

But we also have another gift.  Tomoe’s started getting diaper rash.  She’s got a nice red butt now.  We have some cream to help with it, but we’ll see how well it works.

In other news, we’ve been talking to my mom and sister using Skype.  Today, I didn’t something a bit different.  I put the computer on the floor and had Tomoe lay on her stomach in front of it.  She put on an interesting show, including rolling over.  She’s getting better at it!  Hearing that I was walking when I was 9 months old makes me wonder how old Tomoe will be when she starts walking.

Reaching more milestones

Tomoe is a very happy baby these days.  She’s had so many exciting things happen.  Look at how happy she is!

So happy, she’s blurry!

It was a very exciting supermarket.

Earlier this week, Tomoe visited a child centre in Terrace Mall at Tsujido.  She was able to enjoy meeting other babies and my wife could meet other mothers, including one that lives near us, and another mixed baby’s mother.  It’s great that they can both meet new people around here.

Tomoe’s also tried her first solid food.  While it’s recommended for babies to start eating solid food around 5 months old, we checked to see if she could do it.  And what a success it was!  At first, she had a little difficulty, as she was very unfamiliar with the feeling of eating with a spoon and having non-liquid food in her mouth, but she was soon attacking the spoon voraciously.  She loved it!  She ate some baby food made of rice.

Yummy food!

I want more!

Another big milestone is that she’s finally rolled over.  At first, she rolled over from her stomach to her back earlier this week, but today she rolled over from her back to her front for the first time.  She seems to like laying on the floor now, and she rolls over onto her side quite often.

Trying to run? She’s doing it wrong.

As always, Tomoe is smiling and laughing a lot.  Her laughing has become quite infectious.  She likes laughing at me imitating her laugh, as well as strange noises.

Coming soon are immunizations and her 4 month checkup.