Our ailing dog and toddler

Just a quick update.  As I said before, our dog Biscuit wasn’t able to stand yesterday.  Well, this morning, he got up and started walking. He walked for much of the morning.  I even took him outside.


Feels great to be outside!

Although he was walking, he’s back to just laying down now.  He’ll have his ups and downs.

Tomoe’s update is less positive.  Last night, she had a fever of 38.6 degrees C.  Today, we went out shopping at Costco, and later went to a clinic because she was producing nothing but thin yellow liquid poop that smelled really bad.  She also slept a lot, although her fever has gone away.  So, what did we find out?  She has a stomach virus, what people commonly call the stomach flu.  She can’t eat any solid food until it’s cleared up.  And when she does have something, it can only be tea, watered down formula, and an ion water drink.


Sitting in the car we rented outside of the clinic.

Hopefully, Tomoe will be feeling good soon.



Tomoe’s cold was getting better.  She got to walk a lot today.  However, she seemed to be in a bad mood all day.  Turns out her cold hasn’t quite gone yet.  She has a fever.  She’s been waking up every 30-60 minutes tonight.  Tomorrow, we’re supposed to go to Costco.  I hope she’s okay for that.  We’ve already reserved a rental car, and we don’t want to have to pay a cancellation fee.

Sleep doesn’t come easily

Having a cold isn’t easy.  For an adult, it can be anywhere from annoying to difficult to go about your day.  For a toddler, it can mean restless nights.

Tomoe has had a cold since late last week, and so has my wife.  Tomoe was the first to get sick.  So far, I haven’t gotten sick, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I did.

For Tomoe, a cold can mean difficulty sleeping.  She’s unable to blow her nose, so we have to suck the snot out for her.  She hates it.  When she sleeps, she is often noisy because she can’t breathe through her nose.  This causes her to wake up occasionally and cry.  Her nose runs a lot, too.  She’s woken up in the morning with her face covered in dried or semi-dried mucus, including her forehead and in her hair.  She’s made quite the mess of her face.  But when she’s awake, she acts as if she’s healthy. However, her cough is very dry sounding.  It made me wonder if she’d lose her voice, but she hasn’t.

One thing that helps her sleep is if she sleeps next to her mom.  She appears to be comforted a lot.  I took this picture of them sleeping together.


She looks peaceful.

I’m hoping this cold is gone soon.  It’ll be nice to have a healthy little girl who sleeps well.

Bubbling noises in the night

That’s the sound of Tomoe’s breathing while sleeping tonight.  Seems she’s caught a cold again.  It’s her second cold, and it’s not helping her sleep.

She’s been unable to breathe properly with her stuffed up nose.  She woke up crying after only a couple of hours, so we decided it was time to bring out the dreaded mucus clearing device, that snot sucker from hell.  She hates that thing. She struggles and fights so hard when it’s used, and she screams so loudly.  It takes both of us to hold her down to get it done.  Thankfully, after a while, she fell back to sleep.  I guess we’re in for a week of this.

Another noisy sleeper is our dog, Biscuit.  Although lately, he’s been feeling bad.  He’s pretty old now, though we don’t know how old.  My wife found him when he was already an older dog 8 years ago.  The vet guessed he was 10 years old.  That would make him about 18 now.  Up until a couple months ago, he was still fairly active, always walking around, going for walks with good energy.  However, he’d been losing weight.  He used to be a chubby dog, as recent as a year ago.  He is so skinny now.  He eats just as much, but has been losing weight so quickly.  He’s lost bladder control almost completely, as well.  His eyesight is extremely poor, and he can hardly hear.

In the past month, Biscuit hasn’t had his usual voracious appetite.  He used to vacuum up a bowl full of food in less than a minute.  Now, he leaves a lot of it and eats it slowly.  His hind legs have lost a lot of strength, so he stumbles around a lot.  He falls down regularly.  His face looks so much older now.  He walks into things, and can’t seem to find the door at times.

It’s sad seeing him like this.

Sick, but so full of energy

Tomoe may have a cold, but she sure doesn’t act like it.  She’s like the Energizer bunny.  She keeps going and going and going.  She hasn’t even had a nap yet today.  Just constant playing ever since she woke up around 9 hours ago.  It’ll be nice when she finally takes a nap.  Here are some of her playtime pictures.


Getting a gear out of her toy box.


She’s concentrating so much on her toys.

It’s a family cold

Well, we all have colds.  My symptoms started yesterday with a slight sore throat.  I just had a cold last month, and now I have another one.  My wife already had a cold, then Tomoe came down with one, and now me.

Tomoe’s cold is evolving.  It started out as just a runny nose, not unlike Niagara Falls.  Constant snot falls.  Tonight, as I was feeding her dinner, she made big snot bubbles with her nose.  Every time she breathed out, big bubbles came out of her nose.  But that’s not all.  Last night, she started coughing.  She isn’t coughing a lot, but it’s a very typical looking cold.  Despite this, she’s still got a tremendous amount of energy. Even with a cold, she doesn’t slow down.

Tonight, after being fed and given some very warm formula, she refused to sleep for more than an hour.  She spent that time talking to herself in bed, until she finally started crying.  Still hungry.  So, I fed her some more formula, that’s 350 mL in 1 1/2 hours, and she finally fell asleep.  Hopefully, she’ll still be asleep when we go to bed.

Tomorrow’s my day off, and it’ll be a day of rest for us.

Another milestone! Her first cold

Maybe this isn’t a milestone to be celebrated.  Tomoe is sick.  She has her first cold.  Luckily, it’s mostly just a runny nose, and boy does it run!  She needs it cleared out quite often.  We have something that sucks out the mucus into a small bottle, and she hates it.  Every time it’s used, she struggles and fights against us, crying loudly.  The look on her face when it’s done is saying “How could you do this?”  Well, she’ll have to endure it until her cold is gone.  She doesn’t seem to have any other symptoms, thankfully.

We’ve been hoping to get her to a baby centre these days, but thanks to her cold, we’ll have to start after she’s recovered.