This toddler’s skills are climbing

Tomoe’s had quite an exciting few days.  I think the parents are more excited, though.

Although she’s still crying most nights, I think it has a lot to do with separation anxiety.  She doesn’t want to be left alone.  As I mentioned last time, she’d cry when I held her, but not when my wife held her.  However, tonight, she kept wanting me instead!

Every week, we try to talk to my mom and sister on Skype, so they and Tomoe can get to know each other.  She now recognises them, and usually smiles as soon as she sees them.  But sometimes, it’s too much for her to sit still for a long time.  But last week, she got so sleepy that she fell asleep while we talked.


She fell asleep while we were on Skype.

While she’s been moody at night, during the day, she’s been quite active and happy.  This week, she did a couple of firsts.  The first is a big one.  She learned how to climb up on the sofa.  She does it so naturally now.  She’s also figured out how to get into her bouncer and sit down before eating.

When she has her diaper changed, Tomoe often holds her feet up for me, ready to have it put on.  It’s quite remarkable how much she’s understanding.

Another big thing she’s doing is learning how to give us things.  She’ll freely hand things to us when we ask for them.  She’s doing very well at that.

And now for some silly pictures.


Happy Tommy!


She fell asleep lying on her hand. Her hand left an impression on her leg.


It’s bedtime, and she doesn’t want to be left alone.


Sleep doesn’t come easily

Having a cold isn’t easy.  For an adult, it can be anywhere from annoying to difficult to go about your day.  For a toddler, it can mean restless nights.

Tomoe has had a cold since late last week, and so has my wife.  Tomoe was the first to get sick.  So far, I haven’t gotten sick, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I did.

For Tomoe, a cold can mean difficulty sleeping.  She’s unable to blow her nose, so we have to suck the snot out for her.  She hates it.  When she sleeps, she is often noisy because she can’t breathe through her nose.  This causes her to wake up occasionally and cry.  Her nose runs a lot, too.  She’s woken up in the morning with her face covered in dried or semi-dried mucus, including her forehead and in her hair.  She’s made quite the mess of her face.  But when she’s awake, she acts as if she’s healthy. However, her cough is very dry sounding.  It made me wonder if she’d lose her voice, but she hasn’t.

One thing that helps her sleep is if she sleeps next to her mom.  She appears to be comforted a lot.  I took this picture of them sleeping together.


She looks peaceful.

I’m hoping this cold is gone soon.  It’ll be nice to have a healthy little girl who sleeps well.

Will she ever sleep?

Tomoe’s going through a new phase.  A phase in which she refuses to sleep until 1 or 2 am and constantly cries if she’s put in her bed.  If we go to pick her up, she becomes very active and it just makes it worse.  She cannot be held, as she just constantly moves around.  We can’t put her on the floor without her grabbing everything and trying to eat it.  We can’t put her in her bouncer, because she gets herself out of the harness and bounces like crazy while standing up, which in turn puts her in danger of falling out and hurting herself.  So then it’s back to bed and more crying.

At least the crying doesn’t last more than 15 or 20 minutes when she finally settles down.  But what does she do?  She plays with something in her bed.  Then she starts crying again a few minutes later.  She’s easy to get to sleep an hour or two after waking up in the morning, though.  But late at night, when she’s very sleepy, she fights her fatigue and complains about it.

Any ideas?

The Tongue

It’s the tongue!!

Sounds like a cheap horror movie, doesn’t it?  But it isn’t.  Tomoe’s been extremely active lately, and she’s been sticking her tongue out a lot.  It’s normal, as she’s discovering how to use her body.  Before, she was playing around with her hands and watching them.  Now, it’s her tongue.

That’s not all that’s been developing recently.  Tomoe’s becoming mobile!  She nearly turned herself over this week, making it onto her side, but not quite onto her stomach.  She’s also been pushing herself around with her feet while she’s on her back.  We have a small sofa that unfolds into a mattress that she’s been lying on, but she’s nearly pushed herself onto the floor head first.  So, we tried putting her on the floor, on a cork mat used to prevent damage to the floor from our trampoline.  Well, she turned herself around by 90 degrees.

On her stomach for tummy time, she’s beginning to push up with her arms.  She doesn’t quite get it, though.  She can keep her head high despite not mastering the push-up.  But that’s okay, as it’s expected to happen by 4 months old.

She’s getting good at sitting up with support, and enjoys it far more than lying down.  She can take her own weight on her feet, as well.  Of course, she can’t stand, but her legs are pretty strong now.  She has a powerful kick!

She’s been extremely vocal, too.  She often talks by herself, experimenting with different sounds.  She’s done raspberry sounds, and can often say things like “ba,” “ma,” “buuu,” “mom,” “aaa-uuu,” and so on.  It sounds cute, but there are times when she gets irritable and won’t stop complaining.  It’s most likely discomfort from gas, as she isn’t hungry nor does she need a diaper change.  She’s just noisy!  All day, all the time.  It’s easy to get frustrated, but we have to be patient.

Her sleeping habits are becoming more routine.  She sleeps through the night quite often and has a couple naps during the day.  But sometimes, she suddenly wakes up because she’s hungry.  We need to break the habit of a nighttime feeding.

She’s finally becoming more interested in toys.  She has one rattle-like toy that has bells in it that she will hold if given to her.  She’ll look at it a lot, but not play with it.

It’s an exciting time for Tomoe’s development right now.  So much is happening, and she’s changing so fast!  I can’t believe she’s probably around 8 kg now.  Coming soon is her 4 month checkup and immunizations.

Moody baby discovers her hands!

Lately, Tomoe hasn’t been taking naps well at all during the day.  She’s been spending her day awake and crying.  She’s full, but keeps crying.  Her diaper’s been changed, but keeps crying.  She drools a lot, but she doesn’t seem to be teething.  Still a little early for that.  She just doesn’t settle down.  She only seems to settle down if she’s being held or if she’s outside.  I’ve been finding it difficult to do any blogging or writing.

Tomoe’s definitely developing at a fast pace mentally.  She’s extremely aware of her surroundings now.  She watches everything.  She focuses on us when we speak, and she’s very attentive about how we speak.  If I talk to her, she’ll stare at me and follow my mouth movements.  She often smiles when I talk to her.  She’s beginning to make sounds that are almost laughs.  Can’t to wait to hear her laugh.

She’s also found out that those hands that are waving around in front of her are actually hers.  She’s gaining control of them, and now directs them to her mouth to suck on.  Whenever I hear a kissing sound from her, I know she’s sucking on her hand.  She’s also grasping at things, usually a finger, her blanket or my wife’s lip or hair.

She sleeps quite well at night these days, probably because she’s awake all day.  I think the longest was more than 8 hours in one stretch.

Now that she’s looking around a lot and she’s probably restless while laying down alone, we need to consider getting her a toy that hangs above her so she can be occupied and stimulated.  We saw something at Akachan Honpo that looks good.

In other news, a couple other Japan bloggers have just had babies of their own, David of Ogijima and Salaryman of Foreign Salaryman in Tokyo. Congrats!

And now, a picture.

Oh no! What did I just do??? (Actually, she's asleep and her mom put her hands like this)

Tomoe, 3 weeks old

Tomoe’s 3 weeks old!  The past 3 days have shown some ups and downs, though.

Last night, she slept well, and I could actually sleep the full night.  The night before, she would not sleep until 5 am.  She would only sleep if she was sleeping with us.  So, she finally went to sleep on our bed with us.  Last night, she slept in her own bed perfectly fine.  Tonight, she’s a bit fussy again.  She’s been really hungry, and wouldn’t stop demanding food.  Finally, we filled her up just a few minutes ago.  She’s now in her new bed on a bed.  That’s right, she has a new bed, but it’s a small mattress that she can use on our bed.  It’s designed to keep her in one place, so she doesn’t move around, and also to keep us from rolling onto her.

Tomoe's new bed on a bed.

Now, my question is, do you or did you let your baby sleep in your bed with you?  It’s quite common in Japan, but in Canada, I believe it’s not so common.  If you allow your baby to sleep with you regularly, they won’t get out of this habit until they’re 3 years old.  Hopefully, we don’t make this too regular.

Tomoe, 12 days old

Today was a big day for a couple reasons.  First, we registered Tomoe with city office, which I already wrote about.  Second, I changed her diaper.  That’s right, I managed to avoid changing her diaper in the past 4 days, but I got to do it today.

I was feeding Tomoe, and when she finished, she relaxed comfortably in my arms while I made faces at her (more on that later).  She started making faces back at me, but not in response to me making faces.  I suddenly felt and heard an explosion.  She took a rather soupy poop.  My wife asked me to change her diaper, and when I took it off of her, I noticed that she pooped a lot.  Gee, thanks.  My wife describes her poop as “tuna curry.”  It has the colour of curry.  Well, I did eventually get her diaper changed, after she put her own foot in her poop.

Tonight, she’s been quite peaceful.  She’s been sleeping very well today and not so fussy.  But newborn babies tend to be irritable in the late evening, but sleep well during the day.  That seems to be true for Tomoe, but she’s been good so far tonight (it’s not over yet!).

As I said before, I was making faces at her.  There’s a reason for this.  Babies her age tend to focus on people’s faces all the time.  They like to watch the mouth and eyebrows more than the eyes.  So, according to Baby Center, 1 week old babies try to mimic mouth and eyebrow movements.  I decided to test this.  She actually has copied my mouth movements a bit, but not so much.  She loves to look at our faces, though.

Her legs have been straightening out and less bowlegged than they were a week ago.  She’s been holding things with her hands quite a bit more, and has been moving her hands closer to her face.  Her neck also seems to be getting stronger.  We’ll have to try putting her on her stomach while she’s awake for short periods to help her strengthen her neck muscles.

Here’s a couple pictures for those of you who want to see a peacefully sleeping baby.

Tomoe has been sleeping quite peacefully tonight.

One hour later, still asleep.