Tomoe and a big Pooh

Last Friday, we went out for a walk after lunch, being a beautiful day.  We visited Akibadai Cultural and Athletics Centre and checked out some sports related activities (I’m interested in the walking courses).  We then visited somewhere I haven’t been since January, the clinic where Tomoe was born.  There’s a little play area for children, and Tomoe got to finally play there.  She seemed to really like the big Winnie the Pooh.


Hello, big Pooh!


Can I poke you in the eye?


What a big head you have.


What’s this? A little Pooh!


It’s time to wrestle!!


Hello again, big Pooh.

We noticed how much fun Tomoe was having with the stuffed toys, we had to get one for her.  We found a pretty cheap one that she seemed to like right away.  It’s a soft, fluffy stuffed dog.

On our way home, we stopped at the playground near our apartment.  She’d played on the swing earlier in the week, but I never got the chance to see her playing on it.


She’s moving so fast, she’s blurred!


This is fun!


It was close to sunset, so my iPhone’s camera kept taking longer exposures. So, we get blurry baby!


After this, we had a guest.

At this point, a young girl, maybe about 7 years old, came up to us and started playing with Tomoe.  She seemed to really enjoy playing with her.  She pushed her on the swing while I stayed in front of her.  Tomoe laughed a lot.  The girl actually asked me most of the questions, instead of my wife.  I answered as best as I could in Japanese.  She basically wanted to know how old Tomoe was and when her birthday is.  The neighbourhood kids seem to be really nice.

On the baby development side of things, Tomoe continues to practice balancing while standing in her bed.  She can manage 3 seconds without holding onto anything.  She’s also walking from one end of her bed to the other while holding onto the side with one hand.  She’s doing a lot of practicing.

Unfortunately, she’s been awake until around 2 am a lot recently.  But I’ve heard that babies between 6 and 10 months old tend to have difficulties sleeping through the night.

She’s been throwing things a lot recently, too.  She likes to grab everything, bang it on something, then throw it.  She also has a fascination with the bedroom door.  She’ll hold it and move it back and forth.  She’s getting very good with her hands.  Apparently, babies this age sometimes start waving and pointing at things.  Tomoe hasn’t done either.  However, she does reach up when she’s about to be picked up.  And another thing, she seems to like holding my nose sometimes, and laughs when I rub her feet or hands on my chin.

Tonight, she found something rather amusing.  As I was changing her, her clean diaper was sitting nearby, and it was slowly folding up after I’d opened it.  She laughed as it folded up.  I tried it a few more times and she laughed every time.  Her sense of humour is developing.


Tomoe, a baby that gets into everything

Tomoe is nearly 7 months old now.  And she is very mobile!  She’s crawling very well now, and that’s been a problem.  We had to rearrange a few things in the living room to make it safer for her, but she still gets into everything!  Her favourite things tend to be paper, bags, anything plastic, and cans.  When I pick her up to move her away from things she shouldn’t have, she starts crying.  She’s starting minor tantrums.  She wanted them so much, but she was denied.  If she doesn’t get what she wants, she lays on the floor on her stomach, puts her head down on the floor and cries.  She also gets around quite a bit on the bed while we try to sleep.  I’ve woken up with her at the foot of the bed instead of up where she normally sleeps.

She’s also starting to say some new things.  Before, she often said “bababababa” and “mamamamama.”  Then she moved on to “wawawawawa” and “yayayayaya.”  Then it was “mehmehmehmehmeh.”  Now it’s “dadadadadada.”  The first time I heard her say “dadadada” was when she was looking at me and reaching for me to pick her up.  Of course, I’m pretty sure it was a coincidence, as she hasn’t done that since then, but it was a very nice coincidence!

The rest of this post is just pictures, showing her growing mobility skills.

She can pull herself up on the sofa to stand up now. She loves doing this.

She likes showing off, but sometimes she gets into trouble when she tries to pull things off the sofa.

She’s pretty happy to stand a lot these days.

She likes to fight sleep, but when she does fall asleep, she loves to do it while being held.

She’s quite comfortable.

She’ll sleep in almost any position.

On the floor, she has many toys, but for some reason, she loves this blue baby wet wipes box.

Tomoe’s been sleeping a lot on the floor lately. The bouncer restricts her movement too much, as she now likes to sleep on her stomach. She even fell asleep with her head on my foot.

She’s getting really good at holding her own bottle now.

And now some silliness. She crawled into her bouncer by herself.

Then she turned around and tried crawling out.

Such a silly girl.

Almost out!

Well, that’s all for this time.  The day before she turns 7 months old, on this Friday, she’s going to be getting her second DTP shot.

Tomoe, 7 weeks old

I wanted to post this 2 days ago on her 7 week “birthday,” but we had internet problems.  There’s a lot to update about her.  Where do I start?

Her sleeping habits have been getting more regular.  By that, I mean that she sleeps at night and is often wide awake a lot of the day.  Unfortunately for my wife, this sometimes involves crying.  She only stops when she holds her.  A little separation anxiety?  She’s been sleeping 6 or 7 hours at night without waking up for feeding.  That’s giving us a much better sleep at night!

She’s also been having drinks other than milk and formula.  She tried water and didn’t dislike it.  She’s also had some barley tea, which she seems to like.  So far, she doesn’t seem very picky about flavours.

Tomoe loves going outside these days.  She often watches everything going by with a lot of interest.  She’s very calm outside.  So calm that she often falls asleep due to the walking motion.  She had her first bus ride last night.  She seems to enjoy traveling by car or bus.

Her facial expressions have become very expressive lately.  She’s showing her emotions quite a bit more now, and the best faces are when she’s interested in something or happy.  Yes, she’s started smiling!  I’ve found it quite difficult to get her smiling pictures, though.  The morning she started smiling, just 2 days ago, I couldn’t catch her on camera, but I got a partial smile.  This morning, she gave a huge smile, but again, I wasn’t ready to take a picture.  I got a smaller smile, though.  So, enjoy her smile!

This picture was taken two days ago. Almost a smile!

This morning, I managed to finally get her smile. But she's had bigger smiles.


Tomoe, 2 weeks old

As of today, Tomoe is 2 weeks old.  My wife took her to the clinic for a checkup, and there’s no problem.  She’s very healthy.  Her birth weight was 3302 grams, but she now weighs 3400 grams, gaining only 100 grams in 2 weeks.  But it’s normal for a newborn to lose weight in the first week.  She’s a very hungry baby at night these days.  At this moment, she’s sleeping quietly, which is unusual for the past week.  She’s certainly had an eventful day, riding in a car, seeing the doctor.

This morning, my wife put her in our bed with me, and let her sleep next to me as I slept.  Then, without me knowing, she took a picture and posted it on Facebook.

Her next visit to the clinic is February 29th.  That’ll be her one month checkup.