Unlucky Tomoe

Just a quick update today.  It seems that Tomoe’s had a pretty unlucky month.  First, she had a cold a month ago.  Then, she caught a stomach virus, which she got over about a week ago.  But now she has a fever.  This is the third time in a month that she’s been sick.  Her temperature was 39.7 degrees C tonight.  She has medicine for her fever, but if it’s still high tomorrow morning, she’s going to the doctor.

In other news, Tomoe has been walking better than ever.  She enjoys being chased outside, too.  I didn’t get to see it, but my wife was outside with her yesterday, and she was very excited when being chased.

She’s continued to develop her speech, as well.  Although she doesn’t say anything real, she’s actually been able to pronounce the “th” sound.  That’s one of the most difficult sounds to learn to say, and is often one of the last sounds children learn.  She can already do it.

She’s also started handing things to me.  Last night, I was going to change her diaper, and she walked over to me with a toy and gave it to me.  I was very surprised.  Usually, she has a tight grip on the toy if I try to take it, but she gave it to me.

And finally, while she’s getting her diaper changed, she actually lifts her foot up for me to put through her diaper.  She does the same with her pants.  She’s learning to be helpful!

And now, a couple pictures.


Sleepy Tomoe cuddling with her white and purple stuffed elephant.


Tomoe likes pushing her Jeep. Yes, that is a Jeep.


Happy 13 months!

Tomoe is 13 months old today!

Recently, she’s gotten over her stomach virus, but isn’t the best sleeper. She often wakes up still. We need to think about what to do when she’s too big for her bed, too. Probably back in our bed.

She’s been communicating even more with us, but mainly just baby talk. Her walking is getting stronger, too. She’s walking around more of the apartment now.

Some things I’ve observed about her recently are that she loves to look at the clock and she’s been searching for Biscuit. I guess she won’t understand what happened.

Well, just one picture today. This was after she took a bath. Great hair!


Don’t I have great hair?

Our ailing dog and toddler

Just a quick update.  As I said before, our dog Biscuit wasn’t able to stand yesterday.  Well, this morning, he got up and started walking. He walked for much of the morning.  I even took him outside.


Feels great to be outside!

Although he was walking, he’s back to just laying down now.  He’ll have his ups and downs.

Tomoe’s update is less positive.  Last night, she had a fever of 38.6 degrees C.  Today, we went out shopping at Costco, and later went to a clinic because she was producing nothing but thin yellow liquid poop that smelled really bad.  She also slept a lot, although her fever has gone away.  So, what did we find out?  She has a stomach virus, what people commonly call the stomach flu.  She can’t eat any solid food until it’s cleared up.  And when she does have something, it can only be tea, watered down formula, and an ion water drink.


Sitting in the car we rented outside of the clinic.

Hopefully, Tomoe will be feeling good soon.


Walking.  It’s a thing we take for granted.  A baby can’t walk, but once they start, they’re called a toddler.  Tomoe is toddling along very well now.  We can let her walk around on her own outside, but she still follows us.  She doesn’t like being too far from us, so she’s always nearby.  Below are just a bunch of pictures of Tomoe walking.  The nighttime pictures are a bit blurry, though.


She walks like a penguin.


Eyes closed and blurry.


Coming through the door! That’s a big step, about 1 cm high!


It’s really hard to go over that step.


She’s inside!


Daytime photo is clear! She’s very colourful, isn’t she?


After a lot of walking, she was very sleepy.

As I said, we take walking for granted.  Another member of our family is having trouble walking.  It’s our dog, Biscuit.  My wife found him a few years ago as a stray.  What’s unusual is that he’s a purebred beagle, and you usually don’t find purebred stray dogs.  The vet said he was about 10 years old at the time, and it seemed like he was afraid of people and untrained.  It’s likely he was an outdoor dog that was never taken care of properly, so his owner just let him go.  He turned into a friendly dog, and became unusually quiet for a beagle.  I’ve rarely heard him bark.  If he was 10 years old when he was found, that would make him about 18 years old now.

Recently, he’d been losing a lot of weight and was getting unsteady on his feet.  This week, he had trouble walking.  Yesterday, he walked for the last time.  Today, whenever I’ve put him on his feet, his back legs gave out on him.  He has peed on the floor and was unable to move out of it.  We had to wipe him down with wet wipes and use a shampoo spray.  We’ve also put a dog diaper on him and got him a new bed that’s wrapped in plastic, so he won’t get it soaked.  We’re not sure how long he’ll last, but we hope to give him lots of love in his last days or weeks.


Biscuit on his new bed wearing a diaper.

Tomoe’s birthday fun

Tomoe was so excited for her birthday, she fell asleep yesterday morning.


She took off her pants.

Well, I’m pretty sure Tomoe has no idea what a birthday is.  But today, we had some fun with her.  We went to Terrace Mall Shonan at Tsujido to visit our favourite kids’ play areas, Kid-o-Kid.  This was her first time there since she started walking.  I’ve got a few pictures to share.


Playing with her favourite gears. We actually bought her a set of this for her birthday. Maybe she’ll be an engineer.


Playing with her eyes closed? I just caught her blinking.


She loves the ball pit.


She can actually hold the balls.


Looking from way up.


And another from above.


She discovered some baby birds behind this panel.

She had fun, but was pretty sleepy.  So, we went to get lunch, and she fell asleep.  However, she did wake up before we finished eating, so she had a snack.


Eating some bread.

Well, that was her birthday!  On other topics, she’s become quite the copycat.  She has yet to repeat what we say, but she mimics what we do.  She’s learning by copying.  What she’s been saying has become more and more complex.  She doesn’t just repeat the same syllable over and over, but she combines many different sounds to make baby talk.  I think we’ll hear her first word soon.

That’s it for today.  Happy birthday, Tommy!

Tomoe’s first snow

The Kanto area of Japan (around Tokyo) had its first snow of the winter.  And it was a lot.  Actually, it was the biggest snowfall I’ve ever seen in this area since I came to Japan almost 8 years ago.  Tomoe got to enjoy her first look at snow.  To be honest, she did see snow when she was a newborn, but she didn’t really get to experience it.

Look! It's snowing!

Look! It’s snowing!

This snow is neat stuff.

This snow is neat stuff.

I was stuck at work yesterday, but I could see the snow from where I work.  By the late afternoon, there was 20-30 cm of snow on the ground.  However, this snow was very wet.  It was like slush.  On my way home, I had the displeasure of stepping in a 10 cm deep puddle of water covered by slush and snow.  My foot and shoe were soaked.


This morning, Tomoe got to see the snow that was left.


Standing in the snow for the first time!

Tomoe’s birthday is rapidly approaching, and she’s already got some birthday presents.  Her current baby carriage is good, but it’s appropriate for a toddler that’s walking.  She can’t get in or out of it by herself.  So, she has a new one made by Jeep!

Is this a 4WD?

Is this a 4WD?

In other news, Tomoe’s walking ability has been getting pretty strong.  She no longer sits down after only 5 or 6 steps.  She stays up as long as she wants!  She’s getting quite good at it, and I can see she’s getting ready to start running soon.

In addition to kissing, she also likes touching noses together.  She has a very playful personality, although she still wants to throw things out of her bed.  She’s also been sticking her tongue out while eating, causing all the food to get all over her clothes.  Of course, if we speak sternly with her about that, she starts crying.  She knows when we’re not happy, though I don’t think she really understands yet.

Well, next week, we’ll have a fun birthday for her!

Happy baby, moody baby

Tomoe is having good days and bad days.  Yesterday was a good day.  She was happy.  She was silly.  She was joking around.  I’m pretty sure she was joking around.


Happy Tomoe!

She’s been doing a lot of walking lately, though she still only takes about 5 or 6 steps on her own before sitting down.  She has been walking outside a lot while holding our hands, though.  She is getting better all the time.    She’s even started walking backwards!  When I got home last night, she walked up to me in her bed and smiled, then walked backwards making a growling sound.  Then she walked up to me again and smiled.  Then she backed up again, growling.  She was playing around with me.  It reminded me of this:

But here are some real pictures of Tomoe standing in the park, taken by my wife while I was on my way to work.

Standing at a park bench.

Standing at a park bench.


Happy Tomoe at the bench.

Happy Tomoe at the bench.

And one more standing Tomoe.

And one more standing Tomoe.

One more happy thing.  She’s been repeating a lot of things we say.  She’s been mimicking so much.  She’ll repeat sounds when we copy her.  But she’s also been kissing a lot.  We kiss her, she kisses back.  She’s learned to wave, too.

On the moody side of things, she has been terrible today.  Crying about everything.  She cries when we feed her, cries when we play with her, and she’s been throwing food down on the floor.  She gets quite upset when we’re not happy.  If we scold her a bit, she cries.  It takes just a look sometimes.  She knows we’re unhappy just by looking at our faces.  But in general, she’s just been in a bad mood today.  Hard to feed, hard to play with, hard to please.

Thankfully, she’s playing on her own right now and not crying.