Shopping for the baby

On Monday, after visiting the clinic, my wife and I, along with her mother, went to Terrace Mall Shonan by Tsujido Station in Fujisawa.  The mall is brand new, just opened on November 11th.  It’s pretty big, and it includes a baby goods store called Akachan Honpo.  There are many clothes, toys, baby carriages, beds, and more, for babies and children.  My mother-in-law seemed to enjoy choosing clothes for our baby.  Lots of pink and yellow.  Looking around in that store, I suddenly felt that it was even more real than before.  The birth will be next month.  The next few weeks will go by very quickly, I think.


2 thoughts on “Shopping for the baby

  1. The big day will be here before you know it. Are Japanese baby clothes similar to North American in style? Enjoy every minute. It is getting very exciting.
    Love Auntie Heather

    • I think baby clothes are pretty similar here, but there tend to be a lot of cute things, especially animal themed clothes, like rabbit, bear, sheep, cat and panda. They have hoods or hats with ears. And lots of Hello Kitty themed clothes.

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